(book #2)
Status: released

The Highway of Blades

Alex Kosh

Gamer Andrey continues his travels through the world of Arktania, mastering the ability to handle electrical energy and developing his unusual profession, glassblowing. Having received an epic quest from Elenia, the Goddess of Fate, he discovers to his shock that her power is not constrained within the game. Now the virtual Goddess follows Andrey in real life as well, threatening his life if he should fail to complete the tasks she assigns him.

There’s no turning back. More than that, to be honest, he’s beginning to like Arktania with all its residents, its puzzles, and its adventures.

Alas, completing the Goddess’ tasks is not so simple - necessary artifacts are hidden in high-level locations, and the Loner curse means that Andrey will never be able to gather a group around himself and share his burdens. His only option is to seek help from his acquaintances in the Steel Rats clan - but how, as a low-level player, will he be able to pay them back?

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