(book #5)
Status: released

Holy War

Dan Sugralinov

Under the protection of Nergal the Radiant, the alliance's armies march confidently toward Tiamat's temple. Scyth's old tricks are no longer working. The Legate of the Destroying Plague and his friends have a difficult choice to make: bow to the wishes of the Snowstorm corporation and complete the quest of the Nucleus, surrender to the preventers, or retreat in the battle for Tiamat's temple to win the war?

One thing is certain: they're going to need allies. And sometimes, old enemies can make the best friends.

Opening chapter


I so rarely give 5* for books,even more rare to give a litrpg book above a 3* but Dan has put work and thought into the Disgardium series. I'd highly recommend this series to ANY fan of litrpg books and even to non followers. The man knows gaming systems, just check out his credentials and he delivers a good read which is almost impossible to find in the genre ,just so much trash out there I almost gave it up,great job on Disgardium

Billy Harless Jr

Unlike most LitRPG books I read, this series just keeps the momentum of the plot both refreshing and interesting, and Disgardium series book #5 is no exception. I can't wait for #6. Highly recommended for you daily dose of guilty pleasure.


This is my second review of the book because Amazon hasn't accepted the first thing for blasphemy ha-ha lol. Ok anyway I reread the book to savor certain moments. You know what? Somehow Dan always deceives your expectations and creates tension in every chapter. Incredibly exciting reading!

Darcy Norman

There were also a few neat IRL scenes that I liked, both because they kept the threat to the MC in the real world high, but also because they let him be a young person for a little bit which made the character feel more real. Overall, the story continues the larger battles from the last book, but adds some interesting twists that keeps it from being repetitive. I had a good time reading it and would recommend it for anyone who likes the series. Score: 7.7 out of 10

LitRPG Podcast

Fast paced, new characters, new loves, new losses. If you're enjoying the series this addition is a good edition. I'd recommend the series people interest in a class upheaval mixed litrpg with tons of action

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