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Vasily Mahanenko

Vasily Mahanenko's new LitRPG series set in the universe of his World of the Changed!

Modern times. Genius physicist Artyom Kuchaev found himself facing the darker side of the world we live in. Integrity is met with a laugh, the rat race instead full of people out to grab whatever they can. Where big money is on the line, no betrayal, even of loved ones, is a bridge too far. But Artyom couldn’t bring himself to conform. Instead, he decided to make a change in himself if not in the world around him. His work, surroundings, country...

However, the world wasn’t ready to let the genius go. It was benefiting too much from him. In one moment, everything was turned upside down: Artyom’s freedom was exchanged for prison, his noisy colleagues for morose cellmates, and his spacious labs for tiny offices in a restricted research institute. All that remained was his drive to make the world a better place. And that just left the tiny detail of how to actually make that happen.

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I liked it, the story is weird but It’s a good narrative very interesting and not something I’ve read before I am looking forward to the next book

Amazon Customer

Here we see how the ‘World of the Changed’ came about. The author writes an interesting story about how a genius physicist is kidnapped and exploited. During the story, you come across the names of other LitRPG authors. A beginning to the grand tale. Good read, and waiting for more.


Long time reader and fan of Vasily and he continues to thrill with his robust imagination. If you haven’t read any previous World of the Changed books, do NOT read this until you have. So much is explained in this book that you really need the other stories to support it. If you, like me, have been to this World before, this is a great read. My only complaint is knowing I have to wait for the next book. This is tempered however by how quickly he produces a new book !

Michael Kavanagh

But there are some translation issues. The grammar is readable, but it doesn’t always make for good reading. Concepts that didn’t translate correctly, or simply cultural things that don’t match in English. It’s an almost monotone way of speaking. The rhythm of English story-telling is missing, or I’m too aware of being an observer. DNF (4 stars because Amazon)


Though connected to the author’s other stories, this can very easily be read as a standalone story as it takes place in our modern world and it is meant to setup how all those other story universes started. On its own, it's a real life LitRPG story where a genius who plans to defect to the U.S. is kidnapped and finds himself part of a conclave of semi-immortal scientists that are forced to advance technology and research. It was interesting to read about the way people in power would take advantage of technology that included mind scanning, cloning, and artificial reality control systems. Game mechanics come in the form of an interface that hands out quests and monetary rewards that can be traded for information, items, and other resources. It’s nothing too new if you’ve ever read any of the authors other stuff but this story sets up how it all starts. Overall, while it can be read as a stand alone, I think readers of the author’s Alchemist and World of the Changed series will appreciate it the most. Score: 7.5 out of 10

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