(book #1)
Status: released

The Incarnator

Roman Prokofiev

When the shattered fragments of the Black Moon collapsed onto planet Earth, splitting continents apart and flooding them with raging oceans, Darkness descended onto our world. The eruptions of hostile energy from behind the Edge distorted the laws of the physical world, creating new life forms which now threaten to take over the planet. The last remaining vestiges of humankind, too desperate for their own survival, have nothing to offer against their advance.

So it’s time to activate Incarnation: the last instruction issued by Project Stellar. In a situation when there’re not enough living beings to protect planet Earth, the dead fighters will have to rejoin the defenders’ ranks.

Opening chapters


Overall this was an enjoyable action focused story that followed the MC as he tried to figure out the world, got in lots of fights, decided how to collect more Azure for upgrades, and peeled back the world lore on how the world got into such a state and what how he was tied to it. There are hints at big factions, intrigue, and other large plots, but this story is mostly a good slice of life action adventure. Score: 7.6 out of 10


I really liked this story. It looks like there will be more in the series, and that's great news, because this is a great story, and (somewhat) unique in the LitRPG genre. Most fans should thoroughly enjoy this one. If you're not a fan, it might not hurt to take a look anyhow if you're a scifi fan, since this one has some scifi elements to it.

Travis Siegel

Surprised this doesn't have a lot more people reading it. This was a fantastic book that had parts of sci-fi and fantasy and a really good storyline.

Kindle Customer

A good start to the book series, I am looking forward to seeing what happens in the next book released.

Ford Family

Good book one I wish I could read book 2 right now. I hope I get to read book 2 as soon as it comes out I have already pre-ordered it

Kindle Customer