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Isle of Destiny

Igor Knox

LitRPG meets pirate adventure!

The Caribbean is a virtual world based on the Golden Age of piracy. The ring of steel, peal of cannons, clinking of coins and creaking of masts... Here players can build colonies, explore tropical islands or take to the high seas in pursuit of foes. Others, though, opt for pirate factions, stealing everything they can get their hands on. But now, all clans are building up forces in anticipation of a major tournament called "Henry Morgan's Fort."

That very reason is what leads a pirate clan to recruit Vadim through an old acquaintance. In the game, he chooses the name Rudra, and his future clanmates help him grind, level up and even become captain of a brig. He is then tasked with training a crew worthy of official membership in the strongest buccaneer clan to sail the Caribbean Sea.

But Rudra's headstrong temperament and an unusual quest cause a change of plans.

Rudra will follow in the footsteps of such renowned pirates as l'Olonnais and Henry Morgan. His adventures get him into all kinds of scrapes, introducing him to a daring pirate woman named Anneli, and putting him at odds with a mighty Spanish clan also searching for l'Olonnais' treasure.

Before long, events take him to the island of Saona, where the most powerful pirate and Spanish clans come together for an epic maritime battle...!


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It's unusual to forgo magic, and other races than human in LitRPG stories, ut by God he sure pulls it off , and in a way that brings much more realism to the story! Rudra starts as a nobody noob, that has a powerful friend, that helps him get a start, and has a buddy power level him a bit, then when he finally gets to go onboard the clans flagship, all that seems to come to a screeching halt! Rudra decides that he is going to have to gain exp, and levels the hard way, and takes a quest at the max hard level! Then the story really get interesting! Get it, read it, you won't be sorry!

Thomas A. Lamparty

A different kind of litrpg. Too fast pacing for my taste but I'll give it the extra star for original and very well written

Nahuel Logghe

I received this book as an ARC. Checking the translation from Russian to English. After fixing the many instances of IRL, which I found highly annoying to read, this becomes an excellent four star book.More in depth information could be given on the leveling of the ships. The author used history very well in this book. He also knows his stuff when it comes to ships. 8/10

Johnny Clark