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The Keepers of Limbo

Yuri Ulengov

Yesterday Altai was a war hero. Today he is a prisoner who chose exile to Rhapsody instead of death. This planet, the Range, knows no mercy. Here, thousands of prisoners fight each other for a place under the strange, cold sun. Here, the leftover alien biomechanisms and out-of-control Terran war machines roam in the ruins, and human life is measured in virtual experience that can be exchanged for armor and implants.

Surviving in the Limbo slaughterhouse, upgrading to the tenth level and getting into the Green Zone is all any dead man can hope for. Except not everyone succeeds. Altai will have to make a lot of effort just to take a breather, and remaining high in the audience’s favor is something worth striving for. After all, the Range, among other things, is the most popular reality show, one of the few where everything is real, and death...death only raises the ratings.

Opening chapters

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Overall, the story is pretty fast paced once the other players are introduced and the MC starts interacting with them. There’s hardly a chapter without action or tension and the bad guys are appropriately terrible and its good to see them get beaten. The RPG stuff, while not deep or impactful on a physical level, was enough that power progression came through. A good read if you like action apocalypse type stories with a little hunger games-esq side motivations. Score: 7.7 out of 10


I loved this book. A little bit Military SciFi a little bit, LITRPG, a whole lot a bit Action. Well written. Definitely going to read any and all books written by this author.


It was a fairly interesting story.


Nice change of pace from the fantasy, the si fi technology is believable if we keep going as we are. This really sums up what most people think will happen when companies enter space IE becoming more powerful then governments.

Kindle Customer

Really enjoyed the story and the setting. From the first chapter, you immediately get into the action. Sure, there are some weird tense issues, but clearly was translated, and still made for an enjoyable read.

Jared C.