(book #5)
Status: released

Knockout-2: Update

Dan Sugralinov
Max Lagno

Having lost the Trial, Hagen didn't just lose his interface and his memory of it, but also everything he'd achieved. His UFC career was ruined before it even began. Stripped of all his skills and abilities, Mike is once again a useless weakling. The last straw is the loss of all the money that he'd bet on his own victory.

But you do remember, don't you, that Phil Panfilov promised to take care of his old comrade from Pibellau?

What can Mike achieve with a non-combat version of Phil's augmented reality interface? He could, of course, become a businessman or found a startup, but where would he find the money and investors he needs?

It looks like he might have to start fighting again. However, this time there're no prison guards to maintain order and make sure that rules are obeyed. Once out of prison, Hagen is fair game for anyone who wants to kill him. Once again he has to survive on his own.

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Start wasn't too slow. Got up to speed and got me hooked up til the very end. It's not as good as the first one, but still 5 stars material for me. Next will be an instant pre order as well.

Kindle Customer

Love everything this author writes. Books are a lot of fun to read. I wish I had an interface :)


I love the level up series but this one fell a bit short. Feels like the author wanted to go a couple different directions and makes the book a bit lacking.

Kindle Customer

This is a hard reset to the spin-off series. At the end of the last book Mike, the main character (MC), lost access to his interface and the first 15% of the novel deals with the consequences to that and the MC getting the interface again. Only this time, he doesn’t use it for fighting instead using the other aspects to improve his other interests and get experience for selling things, computer repairs, and other non-combat actions. There are also more social aspects that line up with the interface from the main Level Up series. There is still combat and fighting but it’s not the only thing happening here anymore. Overall, this is a slice of life story where the MC gets second chance with a RPG interface. It feels like a redo for the story and it’s better for it. Score: 7.5 out of 10


I really enjoyed how this book kept Mike's story going and added new creative twists. With the new interface/system it make it a really enjoyable book and differentiated itself from book one. I definitely recommend it.

Taylor and Parker