(book #5)
Status: released

Labyrinth of Fright

Alexey Osadchuk

After wiping out the drak nest, Eric finds himself now also in a trap. In order to avoid dying in a cave-in, he activates the manuscript he received for defeating the Lady of the Anomaly. A portal then whisks Eric away to the lookout point atop the mysterious Citadel of Chaos.

The entrance to the Citadel is guarded by the Gatekeeper, a huge troll encased head to toe in a suit of plate armor. Thanks to his Friend of the Trolls amulet, Eric manages to avoid fighting him and thus passes the Gatekeeper’s first test and can enter the Citadel of Chaos to partake in its mysteries.

Eric isn’t interested in its mysteries though and he tells the troll as much directly. He even goes so far as to say he would rather just go on his merry way and leave the Citadel. But the Gatekeeper informs Eric that he will not be able to leave quite so easily because now that he has activated the manuscript, he must undergo a test known as Unity with Chaos!

On the one hand, Eric understands that taking part in the undoubtedly dangerous activity threatens to end not only in loss of time, but possibly loss of life as well. On the other hand though, he remembers perfectly well what Chaos Magic is capable of.

What if Eric is able to pass the test? Will Chaos grant him power? After all, Eric is conscious of the fact that, despite how markedly he has changed and grown stronger, he is still nowhere near as powerful as the Steel King, who is holding Maya and Mee in captivity.

Could the gods perhaps be telling Eric the time has come to do as the Woodwose instructed?

The time has come to grow stronger!

Opening chapters


The series keeps going strong. Well written with a good tempo. If I had more time I would have read it in two goes. Two because there are two stories in this installment. Both independently good, both end satisfactorily. The book ends in a weak cliff hanger.. This is new for the series. Nevertheless, an excellent read that I will continue reading.


This is a fantastic series. Osadchuk really has a gift for wriitng. Lots of adventure. Lots of good loot. I love that the main person gets rewarded and the system in this series is great fun. portals to other universes and intrigues are also aplenty. so all in all. I sinceryly hope we will get more of this series. Well done Mr Alexey!

Stig H.

Man it’s getting good haha this Series was always good but now the mc is an absolute bad ass haha just please please please don’t turn him into a softy again I can stand that stuff I love this book mate thanks for the read


This is one of the best series that i have ever read it just makes me want to read it over and over again to try and find things that i have missed on the first try


So upset that I finished this so fast. I waited so long to read it and went through it like a fat kid with cake Smh.