Status: released

Memoria. A Corporation of Lies


Those who own human memory, own the world. That's why the corrupt bosses of Memoria Corporation control the bombed-out streets of a futuristic New York. And that's why Frank Shelby - once a humble citizen and now a murder suspect on the run - has to outwit ruthless killers in order to unearth clues to Memoria's dirty secrets and avenge his loved ones. 


The author succeeds in conveying the dark atmosphere of the city's underground. Lots of fast-paced action scenes and a few touching truths made this book an interesting mix and a pleasure to read.

Lots going on in this one. Thriller, for sure.. Hang on for the ride!! Highly recommended.

Interesting story where the action doesn't stop at all. An action-packed techno thriller indeed. Well worth the time spent.

Darkly dystopian with its dimly-lit apartments and shootouts in empty littered alleys, it serves as a perfect backdrop for the good guys' search of justice.

Memoria has everything you could want in a science fiction and action thriller. The characters are well-developed and flawed. I enjoyed this book immensely and it reminds me Blade Runner of Philip Dick . The story well enough to really suck you in.