(book #9)
Status: released

The Mysteries of the Relict Pyramid

Michael Atamanov

Gnat the Devourer is becoming a more prominent figure in grand space politics. Sure, he may not be totally independent yet, but he has enough leeway to be able to differentiate Earth's interests from those of its Geckho suzerains and act exclusively for the good of his own kind.

Gnat must balance obligations to his almighty suzerains against a desire to advance humanity’s position in space, and his home planet’s search for ever more allies. Although Earth’s masters are not big fans of his independent ways, the great war has shifted the historic balance of forces, and the Geckho are no longer as powerful as they once were, leaving them with no choice but to abide the Kung of Earth’s antics.

So, will Earth be able to take this chance and free itself from alien control completely? And if so, is it even a good idea?

And that means one of the human leaders will have to back down.

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The series is already up to the ninth book and looking back on how it started it's hard to see that it would become a kind of space opera LitRPG story. Most of the fighting happens in space with spaceships and formations and all that large battle stuff. There’s some good conflicts that aren't combat related but a little more related to the alien factions. There’s the same level of progression with skills, levels, and talents that was in the previous books. I think some of the best scenes in the book, for me, were just small interactions between characters that I’d come to really like. This is a good story that I knocked out in just a couple of sittings. Score: 7.7 out of 10


Another great book in the series. We keep seeing Gnat developing greatly from student into big time political figure in the galaxy. This books goes deeper into how Gnat is getting better at seeing the big picture on what is happening. Love seeing more crossover and how they have big important in the story and not just one line. Looking forward for more adventure in the next books


I am totally addicted to this story. The shifts the twists the turns as gnat grows. The bugger the characters the bigger more twisted the challenges.

Kindle Customer

Nine books in and the series is getting even better. MC' thoughts and action continue to make sense and that is rare when a lot of books have characters act nonsensically to advance the plot.

Balaji Vijayan

9 books in and it feels like there's so much more to go. A very intriguing and evolving landscape that still manages to be easy to follow. Quite possibly the best LITRPG series out there.

Kindle Customer