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No Mistakes

Vasily Mahanenko

Let’s go! A new, ultramodern mobile game, and the release is just two days away. Be the best, save the planet! Who’s going to fight back the monster invasion if you don’t? Prerelease already available, no text alerts or payment required.

World of the Changed completely modified human consciousness. The incredible graphics that worked even on the simplest of phones. The intuitive interface that made the game accessible for absolutely anyone. The aggressive marketing campaign that put news about the game on every TV, every phone, every tablet. By the time the launch was a few days away, an entire army of fans was out there waiting for just one thing: Hour X. That was what the mysterious developers were calling the release time.

But did anyone have a clue what Hour X would unleash on them? Were they ready to pay the price the game demanded? Mark Derwin, a student, was just one of many to have no idea what kind of fate awaited him in the game. All he cared about was jumping into the prerelease as soon as it came out.

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Game mechanic-wise, things are pretty detailed and there some new mechanics that differ from the author’s other series. Levels are gained not from killing but from completing system generated missions and finding caches or rare items. Coins are given for taking 1st picture of kills whether human or monster. Coins are used to buy weapons and power packs to run them, stat upgrades, skill upgrades, regeneration packs, and shields to protect from damage. Lots of good upgrades from items, stats, and tech keep the story from getting repetitive and makes the MC feel more and more powerful as the story goes on. Overall this is a good entertaining LitRPG with a brutal main character that is willing to do whatever it takes to survive the RPG apocalypse. Score: 7.6 out of 10


This is a great system take over LitRPG novel. That is where aliens come and reset reality with a game overlay. If you like this style LitRPG this is much faster paced, better written and more focused than the novels by Tao Wong written in this same sub genre. What it doesn’t have? Harem, over the top villains, pages and pages of setup before the litrpg starts. In short LitRPG with everything good and no garbage.

Desert Dan

Mahanenko writes the best litrpg in the world. Every one of them is amazing. I will never pass one up. This new story is just as awesome and different as all the others

Kindle Customer

I have read a lot of litrpgs in the last couple years and this is the first one I couldn't put down. It kept me up all night and I have to work in a couple hours. If you like game mechanics and sci fi you'll like this one


Very intrigued with the story from start to finish! Loved the main character and was pleasantly surprised with the side characters met along the way! The book kept me interested from start to finish! So much so I laid in bed for a day and read it from start to finish!!!! Cant wait to read the next book!!!!!!!!

Tony B