(book #4)
Status: released

The Otherworld

Alexey Osadchuk

After battling the hyenas, Eric gets a notification that something called a Place of Power has been found. That is the only clue that might help him get back to his native world.

But there's a problem. The system needs mana to calculate a route. Eric simply doesn't have any and he doesn't know when he will. That is because, due to the strange laws this world lives by, Eric's mana supply isn't filling up. But the Great System also exists here, though its laws are only partially functioning.

Having found himself in this alien and dangerous world without magic or the support of his loyal Gorgie, Eric understands that the kid who saved him, Badger, is currently his only source of useful information. That is a chance to understand and gain knowledge about this world and, in all likelihood, find a way to rustle up some mana.




This is a continuation of how the last book ended. Even in a different world, with different rules, our hero still rises up to the occasion and just kick butts. Love it! This is such an entertaining series with a unique premise. Love Alexey Osadchuk. He knows how to spin a yarn.


This series continues it's goodness.The MC continues to slightly abuse his anomaly for his benefit. This time though he's on a world with little to no magic.Though he does find new ways to grow.The only oddity is the romance in this book seems a little Flat. Not that I'm against the MC having a significant other of some sort. Seems to have earned it. No end inside for the series which is good since it's enjoyable. Looking forward to the next book.


I loved this book. It was intense and interesting, a new take on the leveling system. There was a love interest without the graphic nastiness that makes most novels inappropriate for younger readers (or even any adult readers). Thank you, author, for this lovely addition to a great series.


Another creative and well written book. The direction and development of the main character shows depth and maturity as one comes into his gaining strength and abilities. The portal world adds to the story and complexity of this universe for an exciting read and adventure. Such a well written book.

W. Begin

I like this book better then the rest of the books in the series, not that the others were bad. We finally see some personal progression of the powers of the MC. Will definitely read the next book.