(book #11)
Status: released

Out of Play

Dan Sugralinov

Alex Sheppard returns to the real world only to realize that it’s game over for him. At the age of sixteen, he’s destroyed the carefully laid plans of the most powerful people in the world, incurring their wrath. Now they’re thirsting for his blood, and they know where to find him.

The criminal Triad, the two-faced Cartel, the hypocritical preventers were child’s play, nothing more. But he has to operate outside the law now his sworn enemies rule the planet.

And Alex has a score to settle they killed his friends, and he’s hungry for revenge. The hour of reckoning is drawing near, and the retribution of the Sleepers is unfolding.

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These books are so fun to read I fly through them it’s so easy to get caught in the magic of the universe the author is doing. This book makes more use of real life then the others bring the sense that ever the all in powered scythe is just a kid


An interesting concept of the future, from the very beginning the plot keeps in suspense, I look forward to continuing. The only thing that somewhat does not fit into my worldview is that a 16-year-old teenager leads people with real power and opportunities by the nose and nothing happens to him. But anyways... I even like it. :D

Darcy Norman

I love this series and I will definitely be reading everything you've written. Thank you for sharing your imagination with us.

Kindle Customer

Alex has foiled the plans of the powerful to use defective vr capsules to cull the non citizens of the world. Now in this messed up future where citizenship is rated Alex is about to start his citizenship test. He is now at the mercy of the system. Games are played and sadly Alex doesn't know the rules. As a character he doesn't quit. Put under pressure he fights back and usually finds a way. The tech and what is possible is frightening, the ability to use medical tech to mess with memories, the ability to clone someone and put in controls but what was most disturbing is the citizenship rating system. A social credit system on steroids. A system that is rigged from start to end. Good action and the ending was satisfying. Talk about being hoisted on ones own petard. A bit of a cliffhanger of a ending. I noticed that several spelling mistakes snuck in on this entry.

Scott Osmond TOP 100 REVIEWER

This is the best LitRPG series. 11 books in and it just keeps getting better. A small critique…the quality of translation has been getting much poorer in the last few books - mainly spelling mistakes - nothing that interferes with the story

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