(book #2)
Status: released

The Outlaw

Andrei Livadny

The Eurasia fleet has entered the Darg star system. The unsuspecting players look forward to the adventure of their lifetimes. Zander alone is now facing a harsh and unpredictable "alternative storyline". 

The girl he loved is gone. His nervous system is impregnated with artificial neurons that contain fragments of ancient AIs and their identities. Zander's body is implanted with alien artifacts that allow him to survive in the deadly cyberspace of Phantom Server. But his unique development branch pushes him toward the edge of the precipice where his every step may become his last; where future itself is vague and uncertain.



So many new abilities. Blow stuff up. Cut stuff. Make stuff. Blow stuff up a different way. Blow stuff up a third way. So many. AND he gets a sidekick? So good.

Very enjoyable and I like the storyline I wish there were more books like these. Great concept and execution. I wanna turn!

Dark and great

This was even better than the first. It moves the story along and develops the characters very well.

I love this Series, a great read