(book #6)
Status: released

Path of Spirit

Dan Sugralinov

Scyth and the followers of the Sleeping Gods have lost the Holy War. The new gods, who call themselves the True Gods, celebrate, unaware that the Sleepers have one more temple left. But how long until they find out? After all, Scyth’s enemy Mogwai, once the strongest player on the planet, knows about Kharinza. The Supreme Legate of the Destroying Plague thirsts for vengeance and is eager to regain his former positions, becoming stronger every day, while Scyth, deprived of his invulnerability, has lost his former advantages.

At the same time, the citizenship tests are approaching, and Cali Bottom turns out not to be quite so welcoming to the Awoken after all. Behemoth demands the impossible of Scyth, and the one thing that can help the Initial of the Sleepers is the Demonic Games…




woop woop, woop woooop! yeah! i really liked this book, 5 stars. it was good. i liked the other ones too. and also his level up series

Robert Grether

This is a great work for litrpg world. I recommend this to all. It is a fun and interesting world to dive into. Enjoy!


Firstly, if you liked the first 5 books, then do not even hesitate and take the 6th. Secondly, it was very pleasant to realize during the whole reading of the Path of Spirit that my interest is not decreasing, but INCREASING! The author knows how to keep the intrigue, dynamics and deserves good reviews. Third, this series is GREATLY underestimated! It is awesome! The best LitRPG in the stream of trash that is translated from Russia. I'm eagerly looking forward to the 7th, I already made a pre-order!

Darcy Norman

Great series, love the development of the storyline and how the characters are becoming more interesting. One problem is that Tissa just dump her out I don't understand why she is still in the clan. Look forward for the next book


Purchased for my 18yo son who has read all the previous books in the series already twice and has been waiting unpatiently for several months for this one! At last, the book is published! Thanks, Dan Sugralinov, for your awesome work! Keep on!