(book #4)
Status: released

The Phantom Castle

Vasily Mahanenko

What can a game clan accomplish without a castle? The answer is obvious: nothing. Therefore, the main objective of any leader in a game world is to acquire a base of operations. Finding himself in exactly this position, High Shaman Mahan, leader of the Legends of Barliona, accepts an offer from the Emperor and the Dark Lord to vanquish the army of Phantoms that has inhabited Altameda, the phantom castle. However, this seemingly ordinary quest sets in motion such a momentous chain of events that the Shaman can do nothing but resort to his intuition and act on instinct. After all, a player who is being hunted by the three top clans of the continent at once, can do little else...

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Mahanenko is the master of lit-rpg

The characters are engaging and the story line is big enough to where I am grudgingly able to shrug it off and look forward to the next book.

Look, if you aren't reading this subgenre yet, THIS is THE series.

The Russian authors bring a unique voice to the genre which is very entertaining and enjoyable.

This book, and the other books in the series, are some of my favorite books and always leave me wanting more!