(book #2)
Status: released

In Pursuit of a Manuscript

Igor Knox

When Rudra first started playing the Caribbean, it wasn’t out of some dream to accomplish great things — he was simply hired to work for a pirate clan. But now, he has a ship of his own, and he’s made friends, allies, and enemies along the way. Unfortunately, everything he’s done has led his clan to treat him with suspicion, while the crew of his brig, the Rapier, whispers about mutiny…

Rudra isn’t too worried about all that though. He's much more interested in a mysterious manuscript containing designs for the most powerful cannon the Caribbean has ever seen, which he set out to find with the brash pirate Anneli. Rudra’s quest takes him and his crew to the shores of South America, sunny Havana, and the lawless Nassau. He meets runaway slaves, falls into the clutches of Spanish inquisitors, storms a fort, and even comes to blows with the mighty Spanish Armada — and all that is but a small fraction of the adventures fate has in store for our young buccaneer.

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