(book #2)
Status: released

The Quest

Vasily Mahanenko

Surviving in a tough situation is not always the best option; sometimes dying is much better than staying alive. The Academy showed Paladin Yaropolk what makes the world go round: pragmatism and personal gain. Restart was set in motion, but it only makes players more frantic. Now everyone plays only for himself. Yaropolk faces the same dilemma: be like all of them, or keep his humanity and be known as an odd duck. Because there is only one rule in this world: kill or be killed…



This is becoming my favorite new series. I honestly can see why some people were turned off by the first books constant dark themes, but I liked it. This was not near as dark. the lack of information given to the MC gets frustrating at times. Other then that It was a great book.

The great mystery and cleverness is astounding also I loved that reference to mahan I hope its featured in the next way of the shamans, that would be too cool!!!!

This one is just as good as the first one. Every answer leads to more questions. The main character still has a lot to learn. The plot really starts to really get going and makes you want to read more. Now the waiting game begins.

This book was engaging and full of adventure. It had both intrigue and action, I fully recommend it to anyone who loves game related books.

One of the better litrpg authors out there. Honestly, the only bad thing is waiting for his books to be translated. I'm seriously considering learning to read Russian just so I don't have to wait.