(book #4)
Status: released


Dan Sugralinov

The armies of the Commonwealth, the Empire and the neutral factions, all the leading players and clans of the preventers, have been summoned under the banners of Nergal the Radiant to the sands of the deadly Lakharian Desert, to wage war against a most terrible enemy of all life itself — Scyth. His supporters include not only mindless wild races, but also nightmarish monsters: the zombie guitarist Infect, the death mage Crawler and one undead warrior by the name of Bomber.

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Absolutely engaging storytelling! It's gotten better, with every installment, still some things that irk me, the teenage MC is pretty idiotic, which usually drives me crazy, but this is well done in a self deprecating and humorous way. The main side characters all add to the story injecting wisdom humor and showing different aspects of the MC just when things seem about to go off the rails. I'm eagerly waiting to read the next one in the not too distant future. Keep up the good work, Dan!

Darcy Norman

Scyth and the Awoken have really come into their own in this book. They have a plan, they follow it, they allow for changes. The interludes are also very interesting, and expand the world in humorous ways, without detracting from the main story.


4th books in this series and the fourth time reading cover to cover on the day of release. This should tell you all you need to know about this series! This guy is now my favorite author. Can’t wait for book 5 but also for continuation of his order series.

Pen Name

Wow - that was great! This book will steal you away to one hell of a wild ride. The main character has most of the world gunning for him and must prepare for the coming war. At the same time he has to juggle multiple deities, clan politics, real world intrigue, romance and family issues. As well written and translated as ever, I found myself totally immersed in this richly imagined world. As the characters grow in power the action becomes even more exciting. An LitRPG must read!


This book is awesome! If you start you will not be able to stop until its finished. The story is written so well and just sucks you right in. Read this series, and the other series by this author, you won't be disappointed.

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