(book #6)
Status: released


Alexey Osadchuk

After sealing the otherworldly portal, Eric becomes a Magister of the order of monster hunters. From now on, as head of the once mighty organization, he gains power over all its riches.

But Eric is aware that he won’t be able do it on his own. And reviving what is popularly referred to as "the dead order" won’t be enough. He also has to assert its right to exist because its ancient enemy is on the lookout!

Very soon the Steel King will realize that his plan to get back the Crown, a most powerful artifact and symbol of the royal dynasty’s authority, has failed. Need it be said who will suffer all his wrath?

Eric realizes a great battle is coming, one like those described in the ancient chronicles. He also realizes that in the upcoming showdown he will need loyal and powerful helpers at his side. And thus, after defying Darkness, Eric’s path takes him to the Undermountain Kingdom of the Gnomes. According to ancient legends and tales, that is where he will find Gramner the Fourarmed and convince the great blacksmith to perform the hatching ritual in the Forge of the True Flame.

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Bravo! I love it. This is one of those series where each book is better than the one before it. I literally read it in one sitting.


The MC is getting strong. Very strong. After all the plight and injustice this book should be rather called redemption or vengeance. Redemption fits better. This is one of the most satisfying books I have read in a while. A lot of circles close in a very cathartic way. Now that all the "development" is done I feel that next book will be about war. Epic. I can't wait. Excellent writing with a thrilling story telling.


The underdeveloped hero starts taking the surface by storm, making new alliances and unexpected gains. I only hope that Master Eric doesn’t use his latest artifact, lest he lose his potential for a temporary boost...Again, most excellent writing and prose. Only took a day to read through, and eagerly waiting for more.- I’m once again thinking of Mee as baby yoda-


Love this series and am anticipating the next in the series with baited breath. When i noticed I only had half an hour left in the book I found myself disappointed as I didn't want it to end. Highly recommend!

Hazel Eyes

Another instalment in a fun and enjoyable saga of the evolution of an underdog into a world altering leader. Although this book is in some ways less dramatic than some of the previous set, it does tie up some plot lines in a satisfying manner and opens new ones ripe for exploration. I really enjoy reading the progression and am looking forward to the next book. I strongly recommend starting from the first book and getting stuck into this tale.