(book #3)
Status: released

Tears of Alron

Vasily Mahanenko

The Magic Academy… An institution shrouded in mystery and secrets. People from all over the different empires want nothing more than to enroll, get their hands on the knowledge stored there, become those most respected in the world—mages. Tailyn Vlashich was one of the lucky few admitted without going through the entrance exams. And once inside, he had training, the arena, lessons, and an interesting take on what had happened three thousand years to look forward to, all capped off by a dynamic labyrinth that came with a chance to sit down with the provost. After all, that’s who holds the key to the secret of the dragon’s blood.

But how are you supposed to find time to study when your mentor has a problem he can’t handle on his own? Once again, Tailyn faces a road very much unlike the noisy halls of the academy, life itself reprising its role as his trusty teacher.




Seems the MC was getting a little OP, so the game figured out a way to nerf him for game Balance! can't way for the next book to find out how he figures out a way to come back from this!

Thomas A. Lamparty

I love how this protagonist curiosity gets him into more trouble. It makes his growth realistic. It seems like the god of his world has big plans for him and humanity. I just want to learn russian now so that I can get to the rest of the books. I'm scarcely ever disappointed by vasily's books. Well played, well played!!!!

Kindle Customer

Not only does this author build a solid core of characters to root for, he pits them against overwhelming odds with believable outcomes and satisfying action sequences. This book is a delight and over much too soon!

Eric Bauer

There are some good punch moments here. Summer good summer bad summer happy summer sad summer just unexpected. We see all the main characters in the story bro and we are introduced to the Academy. We also find out about some new villains and boy are they interesting. I can’t wait for readers to get to the epilogue and read the final pages of the book don’t skip ahead. I can’t wait for the next book in the series because I desperately want to know what happens next.

jermel purse

Another really good novel from the author. I thought the story was going to turn into some magical academy arc and while some of the story does take place at an academy the main character (MC) doesn’t spend semesters peacefully learning. Instead there are new adversaries, new threats, and lots of action. I never really knew where the story was going to go, what twists and turns were ahead. But I was always entertained right up till the very last words of the story. Score: 7.8 out of 10