(book #3)
Status: released

The Tribute

Roman Prokofiev

Every survivor dreams of one day making it to the City. Humanity’s last hope, it boasts the best resources and the greatest minds, bringing together the crème de la crème of the surviving civilization. Behind its unassailable walls and impregnable protection dome, the City bustles with life almost indistinguishable from the state-of-the-art culture of the fabled Utopian era.

Grey sets off on a journey to the City in order to solve the mystery of his past. He’s about to witness the ruthless training methods used to shape the children of the Seven Clans into new Warriors, Enchanters and Technomancers. He’s about to meet the City’s true rulers and finally discover the real purpose of Project Stellar.

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This series is a great mix of sci-fi, super hero and apocalypse. It meshes together so well and tells a compelling story.


This series just keeps getting better and better. Book 1 was really good 2 was great now 3 I read straight through took the whole day off work to just read
Can't wait for book 4.

Samuel Caldwell

Project Stellar Book 3 was just an incredible journey. Just like I expected from this series book three, while shorter, was still just as action packed and mysterious as the first two books. Looking forward to book 4!

Kindle Customer

I have been reading this series from the start and it just keeps getting better and better. You ever read a book so good that you hate when it ends? That's this book right here.


Excellent example of world building in a LitRPG book. This entire series has been unexpectedly good -- it has really exceeded expectations.

Kindle Customer