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Volume 1

Dem Mikhailov

Important noteThe Crow Cycle is set in the world of Waldyra, its events echoing the story of Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones, a cult LitRPG series by the same author. Nonetheless, The Crow Cycle has a completely standalone plot. Each series is connected to the main storyline and shows certain characters from different points of view, revealing information about their past or explaining the background of events already known to the reader from earlier series.

The world of Waldyra treats its inhabitants differently. Some of them, appearing out of nowhere, suddenly receive unique achievements and quests; they become living legends and idols while basking in the limelight.

And there are those who call Waldyra home. They do not play, but rather live in this colorful magic world. They do not get anything unique or legendary in return.
Perhaps they are just unlucky?

Or maybe they don't need the hype, and they are content with their simple existence?
Or could there be something special about a peaceful and well-planned life? Who knows... As the old saying goes, "Only time will tell."

At the foot of the foreboding Gray Peak lies a desolate valley. These are the backwoods of the world of Waldyra—they offer nothing valuable to players, who rarely visit as a result. Yet this is the very place where the calm and good-natured dwarf named Crow is headed. Straight after leaving the Crèche, he hopes to make a living there. This hero does not crave epic battles with monsters. Quite the contrary. He wants to be a merchant and develop his blacksmithing skills, while staying far away from fighting, long voyages, and clan squabbles. But, as it often happens, if you want peace, be ready for war...

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There’s a little tie in to the events in the main series, Clan Dominance, but nothing that spoils the story if you haven’t read that series.Overall, it’s a good slice of life story with a frontier, start from the ground up, kind of vibe. An easy entry in to the story universe that can easily be read on its own. Score: 7.5 out of 10

LitRPGPodcast Top Contributor: Fantasy Books

What a story! What terrific writing! Underneath the daily grind of Crow raising his stats is a mystery...who are the angels? Why must he sleep? Who was he before? But all of this is an undercurrent to a genuinely well-crafted yarn full of adventure and building. How am I supposed to wait until next May???!!! Well done.

L. Turner

A great read about a simple character, or is he so simple. I don’t want to give the game away, and in fact I really can’t as the broader story is still unfolding. I am left with many questions about the main character. It is set in an online game where players log in and out but not the MC, who is a player but seems to be set apart. There is no real life component in this story but the MC has too much knowledge to be a noob. So many unanswered questions. It is not a massive mystery but it just adds to my enjoying the unfolding. Give this one a go.

Amazon Customer

Crow is a reborn player, starting again from nothing - and it appears he is in a long term capsule, with a special developer agreement. Lots of fun building himself up and getting reputation with local npc’s. Good book, but this seems to be laying the foundation for a longer series that runs parallel time wise with the “World of Waldyra” series


Great LitRPG. Great story telling and a refreshing change from the sleepless ones story. Great read and hints if a mystery…