(book #2)
Status: released

The Wizard

Vasily Mahanenko

His initiation complete, Leg knew he had to prove himself worthy of the gift his totem had given him. The boy was facing a long and difficult journey to dangerous lands. Meanwhile, those with eyes set on ruling the Northern Empire were also making their move. But what was most important to Leg? His personal advancement or the integrity of the empire? Of course, it was possible the two priorities were inseparable, especially since a true wizard had been introduced to the world.


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Really enjoyed book 2 our MC getting more powerful, still hoping that he and liara can be together and he gets to be a powerful mage or wizard, highly recommended, really looking forward to book 3.


The first book was great, this one filled in more of the story. The overall arch of the story plays out more in this book than the first. A definite must read.

Sandy Carroll

This story is strange in its up's and downs who knows what happening and where the fights will go and what powers can the hero learn?? Ok

David C 1.

Likeable cast of characters. Great MC. Interesting magic system. Engaging background mysteries. Excellent pacing. Despite doing so much right, the story was ruined by bad Bad Guys. For villains, Mahanenko abandoned all traces of wit/creativity and decided to fall back on the thread bare trope of the -super powerful- -pure evil- -out to destroy the world- bad guy. Why?!? Why spend so much time crafting every other element of the story so well, only to phone it in when designing the bad guys?


Top praise. I am impressed with how world was built! The magic mechanics! The lore! The characters. The overall impression is that this series will be a bestseller! Keep up with the great work! Thank you! I can't wait for the next book!

Kindle Customer