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  • Author of Disgardium, Level Up and World 99 is celebrating birthday. Dan is a superb author, who manages to master all the little technical nuances of the art: he's a brilliant storyteller, he's amazing world builder and last but not least - he's very good with words.

  • Rorkh, book 4 by Vova Bo will be released July 24, 2023

    Arch’s meeting with Prime himself - the head of the Council - turns unexpectedly into a trap. The war between the Sunrise Demons and the Dehunters moves into a new phase, one in which every player is going to be affected.

  • Der Neuro-3: Die Reaper (Series finale) von Andrei Livadny is released!

  • The final book of the Underdog series is released in Spanish! 


    La batalla con la horda de necromorfos está perdida. Lesograd ha sido invadido por los demonios oscuros. Los hombres zorro se han visto obligados a abandonar sus hogares y buscar la salvación en el otro lado del Lago Estrecho.

  • Last Life, book 2: The Frontier by Alexey Osadchuk will be released March 10, 2023

  • Phantom Server-1: Jenseits der Realität von Andrei Livadny - Hörbüch erscheint am 15. Dezember 2022

    Er lebt praktisch im Cyberspace. Ein Gamer, der sich in einem Netz virtueller Illusionen verstrickt hat, das aus Hunderten von Phantomwelten gestrickt ist. Sein größter Traum ist es, die Realität ein für alle Mal hinter sich zu lassen.

  • The Bear Clan, book 5: The Bear Earl by Vasily Mahanenko will be released February 28, 2023

    The whole world is falling apart. Bashorg, the demon, and the Beast, a dragon, are summoning all their power to rage against the Abyss, the prison their divine essences have been trapped in. Leg Ondo and his team must pull off the impossible once again.

  • Kir Lukovkin, the author of Citadel World is celebrating his birthday. We love those books even though they haven't become bestsellers. There is something about this world that makes us believe in it, feel what the characters must be feeling. And in our book that is what makes a good book! :) We expect more! We want to explore other stories by Kir and we'll always be his loyal readers. 

    Keep up the good work, Kir and

  • Dem Mikhailov is one of the most succesful LitRPG authors in Russia. His Clan Dominance series is LitRPG classic. His Nullform is a bestseller in many categories. So many amazingly detailed worlds, engaging characters and interesting stories. What we'd call a born writer, a man whose imagination provides hours and hours of entertainment for so many people.

  • Der Spieler Buch 2: Die Gene der Altehrwürdigen von Roman Prokofiev ist on!

  • The Range-4: The Raid on Inferno by Yuri Ulengov - audiobook is released!

  • Disgardium, book 11: Out of Play by Dan Sugralinov - audiobook is released!

    Alex Sheppard returns to the real world only to realize that it's game over for him. At the age of sixteen, he's destroyed the carefully laid plans of the most powerful people in the world, incurring their wrath. Now they're thirsting for his blood, and they know where to find him.

  • Thunder Rumbles Twice, book 3 by V. Kriptonov and M. Bachurova is released!

  • Der Donner kracht zweimal von M. Bachurova und V. Kriptonov am 11. Januar 2023 erscheint

    Er hat alles verloren - seine Familie, seine Gesundheit, seine Arbeit. Wenn das Leben jeden Sinn verliert, außer der Rache an deinem Feind, kannst du ihm sogar in eine andere Welt folgen, aus der du keine Chance hast zurückzukehren. Mit nichts als Ungewissheit vor dir.

  • League of Losers, book 3: The First Winter by Michael Atamanov will be released January 17, 2023

  • Reality Benders, book 10: To Change the Past by Michael Atamanov will be released January 3, 2023

    Space is a dangerous place. Here, you're either a predator or soon to fall prey to a ruthless neighbor. And if you aren't tough enough to make it on your own, you'll need the backing of a formidable power to keep you safe from bigger fish.

  • Einzelgänger Buch 2: Der Pfad der Klingen von Alex Kosh ist hier!

  • Thunder Rumbles Twice, book 4 by M. Bachurova and V. Kriptonov is going to be released March 30, 2023

  • Die Allianz der Pechvögel Buch 2: Im Dienste des Pharaos von Michael Atamanov ist on!

  • Der Spieler Buch 4: Die Schlacht um den Norden von Roman Prokofiev wird am 30. Juni 2022 erscheinen!

  • Creator of an amazon vr LitRPG series Saga Online Oliver Mayes celebrates birthday. We have the privillege to introduce Oliver to Russian and German readers and we're happy to say those books received some great reviews from both countries. Saga Online is a vast and whimsicully created Fantasy world, the series has so many great moments and we especially enjoy the humorous parts. Great writing, great pace and charaters.

  • Als die Trümmer des "Schwarzen Mondes" auf den Planeten Erde stürzten, ließen sie Kontinente auseinanderbrechen und überfluteten sie mit den tosenden Ozeanen. Dunkelheit senkte sich auf unsere Welt herab. Eruptionen feindlicher Energie von jenseits des Randes verdrehten die Gesetze der physikalischen Welt und erschufen neue Lebensformen, die nun kurz davor sind, den Planeten zu übernehmen.

  • Spiegelwelt Buch 5: Der Gründer von Alexey Osadchuk wird am 16. Mai 2023 erscheinen

    Für Olgerd war der Monat in der Reha nach seinem Monat Immersion in der Spiegelwelt zwar so schnell vergangen wie ein Tag. Doch während er sich im Schoße seiner liebenden Familie erholte, überschlugen sich die Ereignisse im Spiel.

  • Rorkh. book 3 by Vova Bo is released!

    The dehunters have gotten what they came for, and - finally - they've left our hero alone. The only thing is that now, it's Arch who has a problem with the Council of Thirteen Guilds.

  • Underdog-8: Renegade by Alexey Osadchuk - audiobook is released!

    The battle with the horde of necromorphs is lost. Foreston has been overrun by Dark fiends. The foxfolk have been forced to abandon their homes and seek salvation on the far side of Narrow Lake.

    Its main city lost, the Order of Monster Hunters finds itself on the brink of destruction. And now deprived of their chief ally, the gnomes are left all alone to take on the army of the Steel King.

  • Author of Rogue Merchant and Project Stellar series Roman Prokofiev is celebrating birthday. Both series are excellent job done, well-written, great pace and engaging characters. Roman is one of the best creators of lore we've ever met.

  • Nullform, book 6 by Dem Mikhailov is released!

  • Der Spieler Buch 4: Die Schlacht um den Norden von Roman Prokofiev

  • Disgardium-8: Feind des Infernos von Dan Sugralinov ist on!

  • Die Nullform-6 von Dem Mikhailov wird am 3. April 2023 erscheinen


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