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  • Der Dunkle Kontinent (Außenseiter Buch #3) by Alexey Osadchuk will be released 10. Juni 2021

  • Mirror World (Spiegelwelt), book 4: Der Zwielichtobelisk by Alexey Osadchuk is released

    Olgerd und seine Truppe NPC-Stammeskrieger haben endlich die Verbotene Stadt entdeckt. Das Problem ist, das was sie gesucht haben, haben sie nicht gefunden. Die alten Karten sind hoffnungslos veraltet, und die Hauptstadt der Ennans besteht nur noch aus Ruinen.

  • Streben nach Verkörperung (Kräutersammler der Finsternis, Buch 4) von Michael Atamanov is in pre-order

  • Underdog II: Los Páramos de Alexey Osadchuk

    Eric ha sobrevivido donde muchas personas más fuertes que él encontraron sus muertes. Y no solo eso: ha conseguido activar su fuente de magia, domar a uno de los monstruos más peligrosos de las mazmorras, encontrar la antigua ciudad de los cazadores de monstruos y rescatar a Soika, la chica abandonada por los exploradores en la guarida del Engullidor.

  • Aces High (Reality Benders-6) by Michael Atamanov - audiobook is released

  • Underdog-5: Labyrinth of Fright by Alexey Osadchukis released!

    After wiping out the drak nest, Eric finds himself now also in a trap. In order to avoid dying in a cave-in, he activates the manuscript he received for defeating the Lady of the Anomaly. A portal then whisks Eric away to the lookout point atop the mysterious Citadel of Chaos.

  • Magic Dome Books catalogue of Spanish editions is released

  • Die Triumphale Elektrizität: Die Illustren von Pavel Kornev - opening chapter is published in our blog

  • Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones, book 6 by Dem Mikhailov will be released May 25, 2021

    Rosgard is in dire need of leveling up and acquiring new skills to use his unique spell. And yet Waldyra thwarts his efforts by offering him another temptation. How could one fail to use the opportunity of visiting a mysterious and unexplored location known as The Great Beyond?

  • Small Unit Tactics-2 by Alexander Romanov is released!

    Echo has landed on his feet after finding himself in a mysterious other world with tens of thousands of gamers, and forms a close-knit unit of people like him. Echo's fighters quickly level up and get ahead of everyone else, instilling fear in their enemies and winning the respect of their clan members.

  • It was a tough year. 2020 became a real challenge to our health (both physical and mental) and our jobs and our life in general. And you know what? We would never make it through alone. But we’re not alone. It just happened that five years ago MDB had put its two cents into making this new community. It started like a simple book club. Who would’ve thought that it’ll grow into something that is so much more than just sharing your reading material?

  • Rogue Merchant-4: Battle for the North by Roman Prokofiev will be released March 9, 2021

  • Project Stellar-2 by Roman Prokofiev - German edition will be released May 31, 2021

    Worum geht es in diesem Buch?

  • Shaman's Revenge (Die Rache des Schamanen) - audiobook is released!

    Die Abenteuer des Schamanen setzen sich fort.

  • The first book of The Way of the Shaman by Vasily Mahanenko in Spanish will be released February 18, 2021

    ¡Una novela fantástica LitRPG original de uno de los padres fundadores del LitRPG ruso! ¡El incontestable bestseller nº1 de LitRPG en Rusia desde 2012! ¡Traducido al inglés, alemán, polaco, checo y coreano!

  • Interworld Network-3: The Dark Champion by Dmitry Bilik is released

  • Galactogon series by Vasily Mahanenko will start May 11, 2021 in German!

  • The Range: Keepers of Limbo by Yuri Ulengov is released!

  • Alpha Rome-1: Volper by Ros Per will be released April 12, 2021

  • Project Stellar, book 3: The Tribute by Roman Prokofiev is released!

  • The World of the Changed - a RealRPG series by Vasily Mahanenko is going to be released June 24, 2021

    Los geht‘s! Ein neues, ultramodernes mobiles Spiel wartet auf dich! Nur noch zwei Tage bis zum Release! Sei der Beste und rette den Planeten! Wer kann die Invasion der Monster zurückschlagen, wenn nicht du? Hol dir jetzt schon die Prerelease-Version! Kein Text-Alert und keine Zahlung erforderlich.

  • The Alchemist-3: Tears of Alron by Vasily Mahanenko - audiobook is released

  • Die große Öde (Außenseiter Buch #2) von Alexey Osadchuk

  • League of Losers-2: In Service of the Pharaoh by Michael Atamanov is released!

  • Let’s start with the fact that we’re incredibly proud to be Dan Sugralinov's publisher (Level Up, Disgardium, World 99). He’s one of a few authors out there, who always finds the way to astonish and amuse his readers.

  • Project Stellar-2: The Enchanter by Roman Prokofiev audiobook is on!

    What's this book about?

  • Unterwerfung der Wirklichkeit-6: Helden der Galaxie von Michael Atamanov is released!

  • In the System-2: City of the Undead by Petr Zhgulyov will be released April 12, 2021

    However you can take a sneak peek: two chapters and an interlude are published on our blog.


  • The Citadel world was the only series by Kir Lukovkin we translated in English. It was an attempt to get our western readers to know Russian literature besides LitRPG. 

    The project didn't go very well. But the series is still one of our favorite reads in Russian.

    Thank you for it, Kir Lukovkin. We're looking forward to the next books!

    Happy birthday!

  • Forest of Desire (The Alchemist-2) by Vasily Mahanenko - audiobook is released

    Is there anything better than a quiet life? Well, there's a quiet life surrounded by people you care about, people who love you in return, of course. But Tailyn Vlashich knew nothing of the kind. His parents had died years before, the townspeople stayed well away from the god's favorite, and his guardian just wanted to be rid of him. 


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