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  • Unterwerfung der Wirklichkeit-6: Helden der Galaxie von Michael Atamanov is released!

  • In the System-2: City of the Undead by Petr Zhgulyov will be released April 12, 2021

    However you can take a sneak peek: two chapters and an interlude are published on our blog.


  • The Citadel world was the only series by Kir Lukovkin we translated in English. It was an attempt to get our western readers to know Russian literature besides LitRPG. 

    The project didn't go very well. But the series is still one of our favorite reads in Russian.

    Thank you for it, Kir Lukovkin. We're looking forward to the next books!

    Happy birthday!

  • Forest of Desire (The Alchemist-2) by Vasily Mahanenko - audiobook is released

    Is there anything better than a quiet life? Well, there's a quiet life surrounded by people you care about, people who love you in return, of course. But Tailyn Vlashich knew nothing of the kind. His parents had died years before, the townspeople stayed well away from the god's favorite, and his guardian just wanted to be rid of him. 

  • Falle für den Herrscher (Kräutersammler der Finsternis 3) von Michael Atamanov Hörbuch ist hier

  • The sixth Disgardium book - Path of Spirit by Dan Sugralinov will be released February 17, 2021

  • Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones by Dem Mikhailov in German is coming March 4, 2021

    Herrschaft der Clans - Die Rastlosen

    Die legendäre Kultsaga aus der Feder eines der Urgesteine des LitRPG-Genres!

  • One of the most high-rated LitRPG series in the world Awaken Online by Travis Bagwell will be released in German August 23, 2021

    Habt ihr es satt, dass in Computerspielen und Büchern immer nur die Geschichte des Helden erzählt wird? Vielleicht ist es Zeit, das Böse in euch zu entdecken!

  • Phantom-Server von Andrei Livadny in German will be released April 19, 2021

    Er lebt praktisch im Cyberspace. Ein Gamer, der sich in einem Netz virtueller Illusionen verstrickt hat, das aus Hunderten von Phantomwelten gestrickt ist. Sein größter Traum ist es, die Realität ein für alle Mal hinter sich zu lassen.

  • Nullform - new RealRPG series from Dem Mikhailov one of the pioneers of LitRPG is coming April 5, 2021

  • Disgardium series by Dan Sugralinov is added to Kindle Unlimited

    Earth, 2074. After World War III, a single world government rules the planet — the UN.
    The planet’s population now exceeds twenty billion, at least a third of which are non-citizens, people declared useless to the community, which means they have no rights to the benefits of civilization. Citizenship is divided into categories; from A with the highest status, the social elite, to L — the lowest.

  • Der Okkultist (Saga Online, Buch #1) von Oliver Mayes is released in German

    Damien hatte gedacht, dass seine bevorstehenden Prüfungen schon schlimm genug wären. Aber dann bricht seine Mutter zusammen, die unter einer schweren Herzschwäche leidet.

  • The Alchemist-4: Isr Kale's Journal by Vasily Mahanenko

  • The second book of the Extinction series by James D. Prescott is in pre-order in Germany

    Dr. Jack Greers alarmierende Entdeckung im Golf von Mexiko hat der Welt bewiesen, dass wir Menschen im Universum nicht allein sind. Doch als Bilder von der Raumsonde Voyager 1 ein außerirdisches Raumschiff zeigen, das auf die Erde zurast, scheint festzustehen: Die menschliche Rasse ist zum Aussterben verdammt.

  • The fifth Underdog opening chapters (long preview) are now published in our blog

    Labyrinth of Fright

  • We're happy to announce that the Sublime Electricity series by Pavel Kornev is going to be released in German in 2021

    The first book - Die Illustren is going to be released April 29, 2021


    Die triumphale Elektrizität, Buch #1: Die Illustren 

  • Oliver Mayes, the author of The Occultist (Saga Online-1) is celebrating birthday!

    We're privelleged represent Oliver on Russian and German markets, and without a doubt thousands of readers all over the globe are eagerly awaiting for book 2 of the series!

    Dear Oliver, we wish you all the best things in the world: happiness, success and of course - some inspiration for the continuation of the series.

    Keep up the good work, sir!

    Happy Birthday!

  • Disgardium series by Dan Sugralinov is starting in Czech Republic

    On October 29 the first book of the series - Class-A Threat - was issued by Albatros Media: Fragment publisher in Czech Republic.

    Here is the blurb:

    Hrozba třídy A

  • Underdog-1 (Außenseiter-1): Die Dungeons der Krummberge von Alexey Osadchuk

  • Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones-4 by Dem Mikhailov is released!

  • Rogue Merchant-3: Shadow Seer by Roman Prokofiev will be released January 18, 2021

    Meet Cat.

    He thinks everything has its price. You can pay in gold, or you pay in steel. And for the right price, even the entire Sphere of Worlds can be bought.

  • Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones-3 by Dem Mikhailov

  • Underdog-4: The Otherworld by Alexey Osadchuk is released!

    After battling the hyenas, Eric gets a notification that something called a Place of Power has been found. That is the only clue that might help him get back to his native world.

  • Have you read Project Stellar series by Roman Prokofiev? It may seem like a simple sci-fi LitRPG at first but once you get to taste it, you you won't  be able to give it up it untill you consume the whole thing.

    Can't even think about another series where the world would be so amazingly detailed as it is in this series.

  • Survival Quest-5: Das Karmadont-Schachspiel von Vasily Mahanenko - audiobook is released!

    Mahan ist bereit für neue Abenteuer - und das ausgerechnet, als die Spielewelt von Barliona sich gerade darauf einstellt, in denselben alten Trott zu verfallen. Die Aufregung der Ereignisse im Dunklen Wald hat sich endlich gelegt, Altameda hat seinen neuen Eigentümer mit offenen Armen aufgenommen, und Geranika brütet neue Pläne für eine globale Vernichtung aus.

  • Disgardium-3: Die Vernichtende Seuche von Dan Sugralinov wird am 15. März 2021 veröffentlicht!

    Seit Scyth und seine Freunde aus der Sandbox in die große Welt von Disgardium gewechselt sind, lassen die Verhinderer sie nicht aus den Augen. Die stärksten Clans der Welt sind nicht nur Scyth, sondern auch der bereits entdeckten „Gefahr” Crag auf den Fersen, dem neuesten Mitglied des Clans der Erwachten.

  • Underdog-5: Labyrinth of Fright by Alexey Osadchuk will be released January 4, 2021

    After wiping out the drak nest, Eric finds himself now also in a trap. In order to avoid dying in a cave-in, he activates the manuscript he received for defeating the Lady of the Anomaly. A portal then whisks Eric away to the lookout point atop the mysterious Citadel of Chaos.

  • Project Stellar-4: The Rebel by Roman Prokofiev will be releaed May 10, 2021

    “Embodied or bodiless, dead or alive, regardless of my current shape or guise, I hereby swear to always oppose evil and defy fear in protection of humankind...”

  • Das Karmadont-Schachspiel (Survival Quest-5) by Vasily Mahanenko audiobook will be released October 23, 2020

    Sprecher: Thomas Balou Martin

  • Class-A Threat (Disgardium-1) by Dan Sugralinov is 0,99$ for a limited time

    Wait up! What do you mean, your character’s been cursed? Rotting alive? You’re joking, right? Having said that… could this be a proverbial once-in-a-lifetime chance? Oh… And now that the game’s AI has reclassified me as a potential global threat, it can only mean one thing: we’re not finished yet!


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