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  • Galactogon 3: A Check for a Billion by Vasily Mahanenko is up for pre-order

    A check for a billion credits. The prize seemed lost forever and here it glittered again with all its colors, drawing the couple like a magnet. The pirates, the Uldans, the Zatrathi—none of it mattered now. The final goal was so close. All they had to do was reach out and grasp it.

  • Bedrohung aus dem All (Unterwerfung der Wirklichkeit Buch 2) von Michael Atamanov

  • Level Up: The Knockout by Max Lagno and Dan Sugralinov is released!

    Mike Hagen, an American nicknamed "Crybaby", became one of those chosen to be given an augmented reality interface. However, his favorite game was an MMA fighter - possibly, for the reason that he'd never fought in real life, and the interface adapted itself to him.  

    Amazon audio

  • Falle für den Herrscher (Kräutersammler der Finsternis Buch 3) von Michael Atamanov

  • Author of two brilliant series - The Sublime Electricity and An NPC's Path is celebrating birthday today. We're glad to say that the latter is a big success in Germany (4,8 on Amazon!). And we're hoping there're more books to come in the nearest future.

  • In a world ruled by the Great System, in a small town located in a down and out barony, a boy was born "nulled." Ugly and disabled, he is secretly scorned by neighbors and acquaintances. Everyone around him is sure the evil spirit Bug is playing a trick on him.

  • Der tägliche Grind - Im virtuellen Hamsterrad (Spiegelwelt Buch #1)

    Eine neue LitRPG-Serie in der virtuellen Welt eines Online-MMORPG-Spiels!

  • City of Freedom (Adam Online, book 2) by Max Lagno is released!

    In order to gain access to Adam Online's closed locations, Leonarm needs to max out his level pretty quick. Help comes from the most unexpected quarter: a human/NPC hybrid who has access to all of the game's items and is privy to its deepest secrets.

  • Two paperbacks in German were recently released

    Mirror World - 1: Project Daily Grind by Alexey Osadchuk

    German Amazon

    Kindle version - June 21, 2019

    The Dark Herbalist - 3: A Trap for the Potentate by Michael Atamanov

    German Amazon

    Kindle version - June 24, 2019

  • As many of you there is one thing we’re waiting and waiting and waiting for and we can’t get it for a long time. It’s Mirror World 5. Why’re we waiting for it? Because it’s one of the best LitRPG series ever. There’re smart, believable characters, there’s a good story, tons of action, crafting, pets. Let’s just say – it has everything a good LitRPG series should have. The harsh truth is we don’t know when Alexey will get the book done.

  • Our new author - Kaitlyn Weiss from Canada has entrusted us with publishing her new series The Fairy Code!

  • The first LitRPG/Wuxia story from Dan Sugralinov is coming this September!

  • Disgardium, book 2: Apostle of the Sleeping Gods by Dan Sugralinov is released

  • Held (Nächstes Level Buch 2) von Dan Sugralinov

  • Invasion, Book 1: A Second Chance by Vasily Mahanenko

    Reality is cruel. The rising level of technological development has led to a rising level of unemployment. They're laying off everybody, from teachers to technical servicemen. What's the point of holding onto a person if they can be replaced by an advanced mechanism?

  • The Dark Herbalist: Video Game Plotline Tester by Michael Atamanov is free for 24 hours

    Would you be prepared to work for free? How would you like to bust your hump for a large corporation 60-plus hours a week without a wage or a single day off for the vague promise of some mysterious perks in the distant future?

  • Galactogon: Start the Game by Vasily Mahanenko is free for 24 hours!

    Twelve players set off through the online world of Galactogon, lured by the game owners' promise of an enormous payoff. The question is, who will survive to tell the tale? Which of the twelve is a potential hero - or a traitor in the making? Which of them will defend the weak and who will become the ultimate evil overlord?

  • Mirror World: Project Daily Grind by Alexey Osadchuk is free for 24h

    The ads enthused, “The virtual lands of Mirror World await you! Live out your most secret dreams in our world of Sword and Sorcery! Become a Great Wizard or a Famous Warrior! Build your own castle, tame a dragon, conquer a kingdom! All those desperate, lonely and insecure - Mirror World offers you a chance!”

  • First he was in the military, then he was a salesman, a writer, an agent and finally he became a publisher. The one that got you introduced to LitRPG (no less), the one that gathered our team which is now bringing the best examples of Russian Fantasy and Sci-Fi all over the globe.

    Our friend and colleague, a man of great feeling for what might become a success in different cultures and on different markets. A man of responsibility and tact.

  • Phantom Server: Edge of Reality by Andrei Livadny is free for 24 hours

    He is a cyber dweller. A gamer who's grown up in the web of virtual illusion woven from hundreds of phantom worlds. His biggest dream is to dump the real world for good.

  • The Way of the Shaman: Survival Quest is free for 24h!

  • Reality Benders: Web of Worlds by Michael Atamanov is released!

  • We decided to remake the cover of the first Disgardium by Dan Sugralinov.

    Check it out!

    Disgardium: Class-A Threat

  • Countdown (Reality Benders - 1) by Michael Atamanov is released in German

  • Level Up: Knockout  von Dan Sugralinov und Max Lagno

    Mike Hagen, ein Amerikaner mit dem Spitznamen „Heulsuse“, ist einer der Auserwählten, die ein Augmented Reality Interface bekommen haben. Sein Lieblingsspiel ist allerdings ein MMA-Kampfsportspiel – möglicherweise gerade, weil er im echten Leben noch nie gekämpft hat – und das Interface hat sich ihm angepasst.

  • Level Up +3: The Final Trial by Dan Sugralinov audiobook is released!

    Phil Panfilov's tribulations seem to have run their course. He's quite prepared to quit the alien game installed in his brain. In fact, Phil looks forward to a normal existence: both he and his company are in excellent shape. Still, the timing seems to be badly wrong.

  • Galactogon-2: In Search of Uldans by Vasily Mahanenko is released!

    What could be better than space adventures? Captain Surgeon knows the answer to this question—space piracy! Loot, pillage, plunder and sell all the lucre—that’s the motto of the Galactogon pirates, and Surgeon is doing his best to join their number.

  • Toter Schurke (Der Weg eines NPCs Buch Nr. 1) is released!

    In virtuellen Welten herrscht grenzenlose Freiheit. Man kann sich nach Lust und Laune in einen Elfenzauberer oder einen unsichtbaren Schurken verwandeln, sich einem Clan anschließen und auf Raubzug gehen, kämpfen, den eigenen Charakter weiterentwickeln und vor allen Dingen dem Alltagstrott entkommen.

  • Our new series is an IRL LirRPG (just like Level Up by Dan Sugralinov). It is called Interworld Network by Dmitry Bilik.

    The Time Master 

    An ordinary Russian guy, Sergei picks a fight in his neighborhood, defending a little boy. Problem is, the guy he's just defeated vanishes into thin air, leaving Sergei to discover he now possesses the ability to turn time around.

  • Disgardium, book 1: Class-A THreat by Dan Sugralinov is released (Kindle - audio - paperback)

    Our future. Noncitizens and individuals of low social standing can only find work in one place – the virtual world of Disgardium. And that might mean mining ore; it could just as well mean cleaning pigsties or washing dishes in a tavern, but that’s about as glamorous as it gets.


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