Latest News

  • The Fairy Code-2: Chosen of the Shadows by Kaitlyn Weiss is released!

  • Reality Benders-6: Aces High by Michael Atamanov is released!

  • The Alchemist-3: Tears of Alron by Vasily Mahanenko will be released July 14, 2020

  • Project Stellar-3: The Tribute by Roman Prokofiev will be released December 10, 2020

  • The fourth book of Underdog series by Alexey Osadchuk is entitled The Otherworld and will be released October 26, 2020

    After battling the hyenas, Eric gets a notification that something called a Place of Power has been found. That is the only clue that might help him get back to his native world.

  • Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones, volume #2 by Dem Mikhailov is released!

    If someone offers you to make a few quick and easy bucks, there's got to be a catch somewhere. A seemingly trifling quest in the virtual world of Waldyra is an excellent opportunity to earn some money, right? It's just that things never quite work out that way.

  • Apostle of the Sleeping Gods (Apostel der Schlafenden Götter) by Dan Sugralinov is released!

  • Saga Online: Oculltist by Oliver Mayes will be released in Germany on November 12, 2020

    Der Okkultist

    Damien hatte gedacht, dass seine bevorstehenden Prüfungen schon schlimm genug wären. Aber dann bricht seine Mutter zusammen, die unter einer schweren Herzschwäche leidet.

  • Andrei Livadny is among the first authors we translated in English. His Phantom Server series is an amazing dark sci-fi LitRPG and we can't recommend it enough (btw, all three books are on KU). But in Russia Andrei is far more famous for his great big Sci-Fi series The History of the Galaxy - a vast canvas with literally hundreds of stories on it, painting life on different planets united in one big universe.

  • Underdog-3: The Dark Continent by Alexey Osadchuk - audiobook is released!

    Eric Bergman used to be treated like an outcast, cripple, and freak. Some pitied him, others squirmed in his presence, while others still mocked him to his face. He himself even thought he was born cursed by the gods. But bit by bit, all that changed. That which was once considered a flaw or defect transformed into an advantage. And Eric slowly learned to use it to his benefit.

  • A few years ago Alex Bobl thought about translating his book in English. Before that the only Russian authors you might've been familiar with were Russian classics and a few lucky ducks. But it turned out that we have a lot more in common than we thought. And that's how Magic Dome Books started.

  • The Alchemist-1: City of the Dead by Vasily Mahanenko is released!

    There are whole anthologies of stories out there about what humankind does when a game enters their world. But what about when they’re living in one where a game arrived thousands of years before? What if they’re the survivors of a bloody struggle, having fought for and earned their place on the planet?

  • Alchemist: Forest of Desire by Vasily Mahanenko will be released June 15, 2020

  • Please, welcome our new author - Alexander Romanov.

    His Small Unit Tactics is an amazing success in Russia and on August 27 our English-speaking readers will be able to enjoy it.

  • Die virtuelle Welt von Barliona ist ein Ort, der zum Entspannen und zur Unterhaltung gedacht ist - aber nicht für jeden ... 

  • Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones-3 by Dem Mikhailov will be released July 16

  • World of the Changed: Pearl of the South by Vasily Mahanenko - audio is released!

    Earth was never the same after World of the Changed. Humanity was reduced to two camps: monsters thirsting to kill, and players doing everything they could to survive. The squabbles people had spent their time on before? Gone. If you wanted to live to see another sunrise, you had to work with everyone you could, from other players to game functions.

  • Liebe Leser! Leider gab es eine technische Panne bezüglich des Links zu der Kurzgeschichte. Hier ist der neue.

  • Survival Quest-5: Das Karmadont-Schachspiel von Vasily Mahanenko is released!

  • New series by Michael Atamanov - League of Losers will be on in June 2020

  • In the System by Petr Zhgulyov - a RealRPG and Fantasy saga is going to be published in English Autumn 2020

    The first book is called City of Goblins

  • Survival Quest-7: Krieg der Clans von Vasily Mahanenko

  • Disgardium-4: Resistance by Dan Sugralinov is released!

  • Disgradium-3: The Destroying Plague by Dan Sugralinov - audiobook is released!

    Having emerged from the sandbox into the wide world of Disgardium, Scyth and his friends find themselves under the watchful eye of the preventers. The strongest clans in the world hunt not only Scyth, but also the already discovered "threat" Crag, a member of the Awoken clan.

  • Das Gefolge des Toten (Der Weg eines NPCs Buch # 3) von Pavel Kornev ist hier!

  • Survival Quest-3: Geheimnis des dunklen Waldes by Vasily Mahanenko - audiobook will be released May 15, 2020

  • The Dark Herbalist (Kräutersammler der Finsternis): Video Game Plotline Tester by Michael Atamanov audiobook in German is released!

    Die äußerst erfolgreiche russische Sci-Fi-Buchreihe, die in den USA ein riesiger Hit geworden ist - jetzt in deutscher Sprache erhältlich!

  • Vasily Mahanenko is among the first authors we translated in English. His books are responsible for the fact that many people all over the globe know the word ‘LitRPG’. Six book series:

    Way of the Shaman


    The World of the Changed


  • We're happy to announce the Alchemist series by Vasily Mahanenko

    It takes place in a world which is mentioned in the end of the World of the Changed series 3000 years after those events.

    The first book: City of the Dead will be released May 20, 2020

  • Perimeter Defense series by Michael Atamanov will come to German market this Autumn

    The first book, Sector Eight will be released September 23

    Ein seltsamer, widerspenstiger Körper, der einst Kronprinz George gehörte, ein merkwürdiges Spiel, das man erst verlassen kann, wenn der Vertrag erfüllt ist, eine Welt voller mächtiger und äußerst realer Feinde. Ein Spiel, in dem es nur auf den eigenen Ruf und die Fraktionszugehörigkeit ankommt.


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