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  • Master of cosmo opera and dystopia, author of hundreds of successful books, creator of amazing worlds Andrei Livadny is celebrating his birthday today. As always, keep up the great work, sir. As your readers, we insist on that! Happy birthday!

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  • Thunder Rumbles Twice, book 2 by M. Bachurova and V. Kriptonov is going to be released August 29, 2022

  • Disgardium, Buch 8: Feind des Infernos ersceint am 21. November 2022

  • Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones-5 by Dem Mikhailov - German edition is released!

  • Igor Knox is the author of the amazing Buccaneer's Due series. One of a very few pirate LitRPG series out there. Unfortunately the series is underrated cause apparently it narrows readers' choice of the theme too much. But we strongly recommend that you try it. It's not just another Pirate of the Carrebean story with captain Jack Sparrow on the loose. It's a great, inventive and historically accurate series, action packed, with a great pace and great characters. We love every page of it!

  • Book 6 of the Underdog series is released in Spanish - Enfrentamiento

    Tras sellar el portal de otro mundo, Eric se convierte en Maestro de la Orden de Cazadores de monstruos. A partir de ahora, como jefe de la que fue una poderosa organización, obtiene el poder sobre todas sus riquezas.

  • Dear Alex,

  • Thunder Rumbles Twice, book 1 by M. Bachurova and V. Kriptonov is released!

    He has lost it all – his family, his health, his job. When life loses all meaning but revenge against your enemy, you can follow him even to another world from where you have no chance of returning. With nothing but uncertainty ahead.

  • Herrschaft der Clans - Die Rastlosen (Buch 6) von Dem Mikhailov erscheint am 17. Oktober 2022

  • Die Nullform Buch 5 von Dem Mikhailov erscheint am 28. September 2022

    Das Streben nach der Spitze ist nur was für die Allerstärksten. Wenn du dich nicht nach oben kämpfst, landest du früher oder später wieder ganz unten.

  • Nullform, book 3 by Dem Mikhailov - audiobook is released!

    By now Elb is the talk of the entire Outskirts. Just imagine—he can venture into places that most locals won't even dare go near. He has, after all, passed through the terrifying Stagnant Cesspool like a knife through butter, doing justice on its vile inhabitants. And now he joins the ranks of those regarded with favor by the System, being promoted for achievement, and receiving bonuses and access to new goodies. 

  • Loner, book 3: Union of the Damned by Alex Kosh is released!

  • Project Stellar book 7: The Ephemeral by Roman Prokofiev will be released March 9, 2023

    We realize the waiting could be hard, but we'll do our best to release it sooner!

    Now that Grey has delivered the City from the attacking hordes, he still has a lot of work on his hands. He needs to pay the Bina Shea a visit, find the Bullet Star, investigate the mysterious Project Aurora - and above all, he needs to restore the First Legion to its former glory.

  • The final eighth book of Underdog by Alexey Osadchuk is released

    The battle with the horde of necromorphs is lost. Foreston has been overrun by Dark fiends. The foxfolk have been forced to abandon their homes and seek salvation on the far side of Narrow Lake.

  • Interworld Network, book 4: Running the Edge by Dmitry Bilik is released!

    Sergei’s dark avatar has helped him to defeat humanity’s enemies. He’s now one of the most powerful Seekers around: his victorious reputation precedes him. So several of his Cesspit-based peers force him to set off in search of a powerful artifact whose purpose remains a dark secret.

  • The Crow cycle, book 2 by Dem Mikhailov is released!

  • Unfrozen, book 5: EndGame by Anton Tekshin is released!

    The bets have been placed, and the stakes are astronomical. It looks like the beginning of the end for the criminal entity known as the Specters. For too long now, they’ve escaped justice on their bloody quest for unimaginable wealth. They’ve destroyed friend and foe alike, all for digital dollars that are colder than cash.

  • Unfrozen, book 3: Ein gutes Spiel by Anton Tekshin is released!

    Niemand hat sie je ernst genommen.

  • Der Spieler Buch 2: Die Gene der Altehrwürdigen will be released December 23, 2022

  • Der Abtrünnige (Underdog-8) will be released October 10, 2022

    Die Schlacht gegen die Horde der Geister-Morphs ist verloren. Die dunklen Feinde haben Waldstadt überrannt. Das Fuchsvolk ist gezwungen, seine Heimat zu verlassen und auf der anderen Seite des Engsees Zuflucht zu suchen.

  • Der Neuro Buch 3: Die Reaper von Andrei Livadny erscheint am 9. Februar 2023

  • Das Sternenlicht-Schwert (Der Spieler Buch 1) von Roman Prokofiev ist on!

  • Alpha Rome, book 5: Renaissance by Ros Per is scheduled on October 12, 2022

  • Außenseiter Buch 3: Der Dunkle Kontinent von Alexey Osadchuk - Hörbuch wird am 23. Mai erscheint

  • Ebene Null (Alpha Rom Buch 3) von Ros Per ist hier

  • The first book of the Level Up series by Dan Sugralinov (Neues Hörbuch: Nächstes Level) - audio is released!

  • The Bear Clan-4: The Bear Mahe by Vasily Mahanenko will be released June 9, 2022

  • Heroes of the Final Frontier-3 by Dem Mikhailov will be released December 28, 2022

    Book 3 of the sequel to Dem Mikhailov’s cult LitRPG saga Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones (The World of Waldyra)!

  • Heroes of the Final Frontier, book 2 by Dem Mikhailov is released

    Book 2 of the sequel to Dem Mikhailov’s cult LitRPG saga Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones!


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