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  • The Way of the Shaman by Vasily Mahanenko is on discount. Get the whole series for 19$ (7 books!)

    in iTunes:

    November 7 - Survival Quest - 0,99$

  • The first Dark Herbalist book (Video Game Plotline Tester) by Michael Atamanov has become a bestseller in German Amazon.

    In the meantime we reveal the cover of the second book (which is currently in translation).

    Coming soon!

  • The Way of the Shaman by Vasily Mahanenko is on discount. Get the whole series for 19$ (7 books!)

    in Google Play:

    October 31 - Survival Quest - 0,99$

    November 1 - The Kartoss Gambit - 2,99$

    November 2 - The Secret of the Dark Forest - 2,99$

  • Ear candy shop is open! Two fresh audio LitRPGs for you:

    1. An NPC's Path: The Dead Rogue by Pavel Kornev

    Narrator: Shawn Compton 

    Amazon audible

    2. The Bard from Barliona: The Renegades by Eugenia Dmitrieva and Vasily Mahanenko

    Narrator: Andrea Emmes

  • Get the whole Perimeter Defense series by Michael Atamanov for 10$

    in Kobo:

    October 27 - Sector Eight - 0,99$

    Octboer 28 - Beyond Death - 2,99$

    October 29 - New Contract - 2,99$

  • Please welcome our new catalogue for your Kindle or any other reading device!

    This is a full catalog of all the titles published by Magic Dome Books. Forget War and Peace: choose from the best of bestselling Russian LitRPG, science fiction and fantasy penned by popular authors like Vasily Mahanenko, Dan Sugralinov, Michael Atamanov, Pavel Kornev, Alexey Osadchuk, Andrei Livadny et al!

  • Get the whole Perimeter Defense series by Michael Atamanov for 10$

    in iTunes

    October 23 - Sector Eight - 0,99$

    Octboer 24 - Beyond Death - 2,99$

  • History of the Galaxy: Servobattalion by Andrei Livadny is released

    The fire of the First Galactic War has enveloped the inhabited region of space. More and more planets are being drawn into the conflict between the Terran Alliance and the Free Colonies. Weapons are being improved and military artificial intelligence modules are being created. The war of humans is gradually transforming into a war of machines.

  • We continue our marathon of discounts.

    Get the whole Perimeter Defense series by Michael Atamanov for 10$

    in Google Play

    October 19 - Sector Eight - 0,99$

    Octboer 20 - Beyond Death - 2,99$

  • The Knockout by Dan Sugralinov and Max Lagno is a sidestory of Level Up series.

    If you have read the original Level Up series, we would like to warn you at once: the book has another protagonist, although the setting is the same. The chronology of the events described in this book is the same as that of the first two books in the Level Up series (Restart and Hero)

  • New audio: External Threat (Reality Benders 2) by Michael Atamanov

    The countdown timer continues to tick, but Earth is still not ready to repel an invasion from space. 

  • Get the whole Mirror World series by Alexey Osadchuk for 10$ only 

    In Kobo:

    October 15 - Mirror World 1: Project Daily Grind for 0,99$ -

    October 16 - Mirror World 2: The Citadel for 2,99$ -

    October 17 - Mirror World 3: The Way of the Outcast for 2,99$ -

  • Moskau by G. Zotov is now available in four stores:


    Google Play




  • Leopold Orso and The Case of the Bloody Tree

    This is a short-story prequel to The Sublime Electricity series

  • The whole Mirror World series by Alexey Osadchuk for 10$ only.

    In iTunes:

  • Kingdom of the Dead (An NPC's Path 2) by Pavel Kornev is released!

  • The whole Mirror World series by Alexey Osadchuk for 10$ only.

    In Google Play:

  • The Dark Herbalist series by Michael Atamanov for 7$ only.

    In Kobo:

  • The Dark Herbalist series by Michael Atamanov for 7$ only.

    In iTunes:

  • El Diablo by G. Zotov

    A supernatural thriller

    A serial killer prowls the streets of 1930s Lima, terrorizing the city with ceremonial murders reminiscent of gruesome Inca rituals. Is he a crazy history lover or the servant of the infernal being whose name the local Catholic priests don't even dare utter? In order to solve the blood-curdling riddle, one might need to venture into places not of this Earth...

  • Game Changer (Reality Benders 3) by Michael Atamanov is released!

    A war has broken out in the Galaxy! The great spacefaring races are all entangled in the fight
    and, even at the very edge of the known Universe, humanity can hear the echoes of its distant
    bloody battles. Our suzerains and defenders the Geckho are also caught up in this all-
    encompassing conflict. Is that a good thing for humanity or not? The answer is up for debate. On

  • Hero by Dan Sugralinov 

    Release - December 10. Now in:





  • Video Game Plotline Tester in German is released! Congratulations, Michael Atamanov, this is huge!

    Wärst du bereit, umsonst zu arbeiten? Würdest du über 60 Stunden pro Woche ohne Gehalt und ohne einen einzigen freien Tag für ein großes Unternehmen schuften, das dir eine ungewisse Bezahlung zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt verspricht?

  • A lazy and wussy ex-gamer, Phil becomes one of the few humans who receive a mysterious alien piece of wetware which allows them to see the world through an augmented-reality interface very similar to those used in a MMORPG game. Guided by its stats and messages, Phil begins to level up, gradually transforming himself and his life.

  • Michael Atamanov, one of those authors that keep growing every day, keep learning with every book, every plot and every letter.

    His amazing series - Perimeter Defense, The Dark Herbalist, Reality Benders - are a feast for any LitRPG reader. Complicated, deep and very entertaining.

  • Every player in Barliona has heard of the Gray Lands—the land of the dead. Few have managed to travel there and speak with the heroes and villains of old. And of this miniscule number, only one bard has managed to bring the souls of the dead back to the world of the living: The Bard of Shadow. Now it is up to her to determine the future of her race.

  • Twilight Obelisk (Mirror World - 4) by Alexey Osadchuk is on discount (2,99$)

    Olgerd and his tribal NPC gang have finally discovered the Forbidden City. Problem is, they haven't found what they were looking for. The ancient maps are hopelessly out of date and the Ennan capital city is lying in ruins.

  • The Way of the Outcast by Alexey Osadchuk for 2,99$!

    Mirror World is stirring, about to embrace the new global changes of its map.
    Everyone is getting ready to colonize No-Man's Lands. The strongest clans send their best fighters on recon missions, impatient to make a stake for the juiciest locations.

  • The Bard from Barliona 2: A Song of Shadow by Vasily Mahanenko and Eugenia Dmitrieva is up for preorder!

  • Moskau by G. Zotov is free for 24h

    Moskau is a fast-paced dystopian technothriller in the vein of 1984 and Brave New World. Lovers of George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and Philip K. Dick will appreciate the author’s dry black humor and psychedelic imagination which rule the streets of a post-apocalyptic Nazi-controlled Moscow.


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