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  • Level Up: Restart by Dan Sugralinov is free for 24h

    At thirty years old, Phil is an unemployed gamer who struggles to make ends meet. His only source of income is freelance writing (when he feels inspired enough to add another article to his less-than-popular blog). His wife has just walked out on him, leaving him without money, purpose, or food in the fridge.

  • Dark Paladin: The Beginning by Vasily Mahanenko

    Free for 24h!

  • Edge of Reality (Phantom Server - 1) by Andrei Livadny is free for 24h!

    He is a cyber dweller. A gamer who's grown up in the web of virtual illusion woven from hundreds of phantom worlds. His biggest dream is to dump the real world for good.

  • Adam Online: Absolute Zero by Max Lagno is free for 24h!

  • Interworld Network: Avatar of Light by Dmitry Bilik is up for pre-order!

    Sergei managed to lay his hands on the Divine Avatar of Savior which brings with it the kinds of new abilities other players can only dream of. Still, it’s not the right moment to relax and go with the flow. Two of his friends have been captured; the third one is being kept hostage while Sergei is forced to procure the Elixir of Power.

  • Underdog, book 1: Dungeons of the Crooked Mountains by Alexey Osadchuk is released!

  • Invasion: A Second Chance by Vasily Mahanenko is released!

    Reality is cruel. The rising level of technological development has led to a rising level of unemployment. They're laying off everybody, from teachers to technical servicemen. What's the point of holding onto a person if they can be replaced by an advanced mechanism?

  • Two books of the upcoming LitRPG series - Underdog - by Alexey Osadchuk are published in Russian.

    Blurb for book 1:

  • The first book of Hundred Kingdoms by Michael R. Miller has been translated into Russian!

    Джек Кросс хотел всего лишь поиграть в игру. А теперь он сражается за собственную жизнь!

  • Knockout von Dan Sugralinov und Max Lagno ist hier!

    Mike Hagen, ein Amerikaner mit dem Spitznamen „Heulsuse“, ist einer der Auserwählten, die ein Augmented Reality Interface bekommen haben. Sein Lieblingsspiel ist allerdings ein MMA-Kampfsportspiel – möglicherweise gerade, weil er im echten Leben noch nie gekämpft hat – und das Interface hat sich ihm angepasst.

  • Dear Sherrie L, we raise our glasses to you this fine day!

    Happy Birthday!

    And some lewd Fantasy for you, readers -

  • Der Weg eines NPCs Buch # 2
    Königreich der Toten
    von Pavel Kornev

  • German: Knockout by Max Lagno and Dan Sugralinov is released in paperback!

    Kindle relese - August 1

    Mike Hagen, ein Amerikaner mit dem Spitznamen „Heulsuse“, ist einer der Auserwählten, die ein Augmented Reality Interface bekommen haben. Sein Lieblingsspiel ist allerdings ein MMA-Kampfsportspiel – möglicherweise gerade, weil er im echten Leben noch nie gekämpft hat – und das Interface hat sich ihm angepasst.


  • An NPC's Path, Book 3: Deadman's Retinue by Pavel Kornev will be released October 21, 2019

  • Nächstes Level Buch 3: Die letzte Prüfung
    von Dan Sugralinov

  • Interworld Network: The Time Master by Dmitry Bilik is released!

    An ordinary Russian guy, Sergei picks a fight in his neighborhood, defending a little boy. Problem is, the guy he's just defeated vanishes into thin air, leaving Sergei to discover he now possesses the ability to turn time around.

  • Web of Worlds by Michael Atamanov

    narrated by Rudy Sanda

  • We're happy to present the new cover for Reality Benders - 4. The same idea but more impressive performance. Check it out!

  • Captive of the Shadows (The Fairy Code, Book 1) by Kaitlyn Weiss is released!

    It started out like any other day. How was I to know it was my last day on Earth? You see, on that day, my boss sold me to Doran, the King of Shadows, ally of Chaos, and ruler of one of the three faery courts.

    Sounds crazy, right? After all, I’m a geneticist, not a slave.

  • Galactogon 2: In Search of Uldans by Vasily Mahanenko is released!

    What could be better than space adventures? Captain Surgeon knows the answer to this question - space piracy! Loot, pillage, plunder, and sell all the lucre - that's the motto of the Galactogon pirates, and Surgeon is doing his best to join their number.  

  • Galactogon 3: A Check for a Billion by Vasily Mahanenko is up for pre-order

    A check for a billion credits. The prize seemed lost forever and here it glittered again with all its colors, drawing the couple like a magnet. The pirates, the Uldans, the Zatrathi—none of it mattered now. The final goal was so close. All they had to do was reach out and grasp it.

  • Bedrohung aus dem All (Unterwerfung der Wirklichkeit Buch 2) von Michael Atamanov

  • Level Up: The Knockout by Max Lagno and Dan Sugralinov is released!

    Mike Hagen, an American nicknamed "Crybaby", became one of those chosen to be given an augmented reality interface. However, his favorite game was an MMA fighter - possibly, for the reason that he'd never fought in real life, and the interface adapted itself to him.  

    Amazon audio

  • Falle für den Herrscher (Kräutersammler der Finsternis Buch 3) von Michael Atamanov

  • Author of two brilliant series - The Sublime Electricity and An NPC's Path is celebrating birthday today. We're glad to say that the latter is a big success in Germany (4,8 on Amazon!). And we're hoping there're more books to come in the nearest future.

  • In a world ruled by the Great System, in a small town located in a down and out barony, a boy was born "nulled." Ugly and disabled, he is secretly scorned by neighbors and acquaintances. Everyone around him is sure the evil spirit Bug is playing a trick on him.

  • Der tägliche Grind - Im virtuellen Hamsterrad (Spiegelwelt Buch #1)

    Eine neue LitRPG-Serie in der virtuellen Welt eines Online-MMORPG-Spiels!

  • City of Freedom (Adam Online, book 2) by Max Lagno is released!

    In order to gain access to Adam Online's closed locations, Leonarm needs to max out his level pretty quick. Help comes from the most unexpected quarter: a human/NPC hybrid who has access to all of the game's items and is privy to its deepest secrets.

  • Two paperbacks in German were recently released

    Mirror World - 1: Project Daily Grind by Alexey Osadchuk

    German Amazon

    Kindle version - June 21, 2019

    The Dark Herbalist - 3: A Trap for the Potentate by Michael Atamanov

    German Amazon

    Kindle version - June 24, 2019

  • As many of you there is one thing we’re waiting and waiting and waiting for and we can’t get it for a long time. It’s Mirror World 5. Why’re we waiting for it? Because it’s one of the best LitRPG series ever. There’re smart, believable characters, there’s a good story, tons of action, crafting, pets. Let’s just say – it has everything a good LitRPG series should have. The harsh truth is we don’t know when Alexey will get the book done.


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