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  • Rorkh. book 3 by Vova Bo is released!

    The dehunters have gotten what they came for, and - finally - they've left our hero alone. The only thing is that now, it's Arch who has a problem with the Council of Thirteen Guilds.

  • Underdog-8: Renegade by Alexey Osadchuk - audiobook is released!

    The battle with the horde of necromorphs is lost. Foreston has been overrun by Dark fiends. The foxfolk have been forced to abandon their homes and seek salvation on the far side of Narrow Lake.

    Its main city lost, the Order of Monster Hunters finds itself on the brink of destruction. And now deprived of their chief ally, the gnomes are left all alone to take on the army of the Steel King.

  • Author of Rogue Merchant and Project Stellar series Roman Prokofiev is celebrating birthday. Both series are excellent job done, well-written, great pace and engaging characters. Roman is one of the best creators of lore we've ever met.

  • Nullform, book 6 by Dem Mikhailov is released!

  • Der Spieler Buch 4: Die Schlacht um den Norden von Roman Prokofiev

  • Disgardium-8: Feind des Infernos von Dan Sugralinov ist on!

  • Die Nullform-6 von Dem Mikhailov wird am 3. April 2023 erscheinen

  • Das Netz der verknüpften Welten Buch 4: Auf Messers Schneide von Dmitry Bilik wird am 10. Mai 2023 erscheinen

  • Please welcome our new author - Boris Romanovsky! His RealRPG series - A Studen Wants to Live will start on January 16, 2023

    I'm a college student who watched with my own eyes as the world descended into hell. A Dark Sphere arrived on Earth, turning half the planet into zombies. They thrive on killing us - people - as every kill fuels their development and makes them stronger.

  • Alexander Romanov, author of Small Unit Tactics and Black Centurion is celebrating birthday. Those books are the perfect examples of books written by a professional. Not just intriguing plot, well-paced and engaging characters but also an incredible and well thought balance.

  • Der Alchemist Buch 2: Der Wald der Sehnsucht von Vasily Mahanenko ist on!

  • Das letzte Leben Buch 1: Balg von Alexey Osadchuk wird am 10. April 2023 erscheinen!

  • Alpha Rome, book 5: Renaissance by Ros Per is released!

  • Dear mr. Forwick! 

  • Unfrozen, book 5: Endgame by Anton Tekshin - audiobook is released!

    A complete series is now available for purchasing

    The bets have been placed, and the stakes are astronomical. It looks like the beginning of the end for the criminal entity known as the Specters. For too long now, they've escaped justice on their bloody quest for unimaginable wealth. They've destroyed friend and foe alike, all for digital dollars that are colder than cash.

  • Last Life, book 1: Bastard by Alexey Osadchuk is released!

  • Der Magier (Clan der Bären Band 2) von Vasily Mahanenko ist on!

  • Der dunkle Paladin Buch 1: Der Anfang von Vasily Mahanenko ist hier!

  • Mirror World, book 5: The Founder by Alexey Osadchuk is released!

    For Olgerd, the month in recovery which followed his month-long full immersion stint in Mirror World may have felt like a single day. But while he relaxed in the bosom of his loving family, in-game events progressed in leaps and bounds.

  • The Charmed Fjords Book 2: Dragon Silver by Marina Surzhevskaya is released

  • Herrschaft der Clans - Die Rastlosen Buch 6 von Dem Mikhailov ist erscheinen

  • Loner, book 4: Guardian of the Dungeon by Alex Kosh will be released April 11, 2023

  • Die Allianz der Pechvögel Buch 2: Im Dienste des Pharaos von Michael Atamanov wird am 14. November 2022 erscheinen

  • Author of the In the System series is celebrating birthday. Petr is the perfect example of a true LitRPG fan that grew into an author. And one of the most recognizable at his homeland we must say. His series is among bestselling ones on literary web portal. When it came to English translations Petr was very passionate about telling English speaking readers that his work worths giving a try.

  • Nullform Buch 5 von Dem Mikhailov ist on!

    Das Streben nach der Spitze ist nur was für die Allerstärksten. Wenn du dich nicht nach oben kämpfst, landest du früher oder später wieder ganz unten.

  • Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones (La suprématie des Veilleurs) by Dem Mikhailov - French edition is released!

  • Der Alchemist Buch #3: Die Tränen von Alron wird am 10. Februar 2023 erscheinen

  • Interworld Network-5: Anchor World by Dmitry Bilik will be released September 11, 2023

    My name resounds across the Universe, attracting lots of unwelcome attention. I am the Unconquerable. The Demi God. The Death Bringer. And strangely enough, now that I am at my strongest, many Players seek to test my limits.

  • Two new audiobooks had been released today:

    The Bear Clan, book 4: The Bear Mage by Vasily Mahanenko 

    What does it feel like to have the whole world know they owe you their salvation? Is it pride? Basking in self-admiration? A realization of your own greatness against the backdrop of anonymity shared by everyone else? There are lots of possibilities, only none of them describe what actually happened.

  • Disgardium-9: Ruhm für das Prinzenreich! von Dan Sugralinov wird am 16. Februar erscheinen

    Scyth – im Inferno als Tiefling Hakkar und Decanus der schwächsten Legion bekannt – muss sich eine Audienz bei Prinz Belial in Ruby City verschaffen, um die Kohle des Höllenfeuers in die Hände zu bekommen.


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