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  • Die Nullform Buch 3 von Dem Mikhailov ist on!

  • Nullform. book 4 by Dem Mikhailov is released!

    If you are at the very bottom, you should not be thinking about hanging on tight so as not to fall any further, but about climbing higher. Step by step, but higher. There is no other way in this cruel world.

  • Nullform, book 4 by Dem Mikhailov will be released June 10, 2022

    Wenn du ganz unten bist, solltest du dich nicht festzuhalten, um nicht noch tiefer zu fallen, sondern du solltest höher klettern. Schritt für Schritt, aber höher. Es gibt keinen anderen Weg in dieser grausamen Welt.

  • Loner, book 2: The Highway of Blades by Alex Kosh is released!

  • Enfrentamiento (Underdog-6) by Alexey Osadchuk will be released May 23, 2022

    Tras sellar el portal de otro mundo, Eric se convierte en Maestro de la Orden de Cazadores de monstruos. A partir de ahora, como jefe de la que fue una poderosa organización, obtiene el poder sobre todas sus riquezas.

  • Herrschaft der Clans - Die Rastlosen Buch 5 will be released June 12, 2022

  • Loner, book 2: The Highway of Blades by Alex Kosh is moved to January 20, 2022

  • Aufgetaut (Unfrozen), Buch 2: Ein Held der alten Schule von Anton Tekshin ist on!

    Hast du das schon einmal erlebt? Du hast alles versucht, hast alles geopfert, was dir wertvoll war, aber am Ende deiner Suche stellst du fest, dass ‚deine Prinzessin in einem anderen Schloss war‘?

  • Nullform, book 5 by Dem Mikhailov will be released May 31, 2022

    Striving for the top is the path of the strongest. If you are not moving upward, sooner or later you will tumble back to the bottom.

  • Underdog-2: Die große Öde - audiobook (Hörbuch) is going to be released February 23, 2022

    Eric hat überlebt, wo weit Stärkere vor ihm den Tod gefunden haben. Dabei hat er es auch noch geschafft, seinen Magie-Vorrat freizuschalten, eine der gefährlichsten Kreaturen der Höhlenwelt zu zähmen, eine uralte Stadt der Monsterjäger zu entdecken und eine junge Frau namens Jay zu retten, die eine Gruppe Späher mitten im Lager eines Gierschlunds dem sicheren Tod überlassen hatte.

  • Underdog, book 8: Renegade by Alexey Osadchuk will be released May 12, 2022

    The battle with the horde of necromorphs is lost. Foreston has been overrun by Dark fiends. The foxfolk have been forced to abandon their homes and seek salvation on the far side of Narrow Lake.

  • Heroes of the Final Frontie is a sequel to Dem Mikhailov’s cult LitRPG saga Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones!

    Book 1 is going to be released February 18, 2022

  • Aufgetaut (Unfrozen) Buch 3: Ein gutes Spiel von Anton Tekshin will be released May 16, 2022

    Niemand hat sie je ernst genommen.

  • Sperrgebiet Buch 3: Die Wächter der Grenze von Yuri Ulengov will be released August 11, 2022

  • A Buccaneer's Due, book 2: In Pursuit of the Manuscript by Igor Know is released!

  • Unfrozen, book 3: Goodgame by Anton Tekshin is released!

    Nobody ever took them seriously.

  • Happy 2022 to everyone!


  • Alpha Rome, book 4: The Hybrid War by Ros Per will be released April 18, 2022

    What began as a normal game for a retired veteran who, after a long and eventful life, decided to spend his few remaining days inside of a virtual world, has abruptly started acquiring features of reality. A terrible, dysfunctional, and sometimes murderous reality.

  • Alpha Rome, book 3: Level Zero by Ros Per is released!

    Elderly military veteran Volper had no idea what to expect when he entered the virtual world of Alpha Rome. But he now realizes that it’s not a game, after all. The number of times you can respawn by replicating in special capsules is limited and might one day run out.

  • Today's free books:

    btw, this is the last day of our marathon!

    In English - An NPC's Path, book 1: The Dead Rogue by Pavel Kornev - free for 24 hours

    in German - Phantom-Server Buch 1: Jenseits der Realität von Andrei Livadny - 24 Stunden kostenlos

  • Today's free books are:

    In English - Galactogon-1: Start the Game by Vasily Mahanenko - free for 24 hours

    in German - Welt der Verwandelten Buch 1: Keine Fehler von Vasily Mahanenko - 24 Stunden kostenlos

  • Dear all!

    Trying to list all the things that happened in 2021… well it’s going to be a huge list, but we’re going to name a few that were among the most significant for us:

  • Unfrozen-4: Killer Play by Anton Tekshin will be released March 30, 2022

    Contrary to the odds, he was a survivor.

  • A Buccaneer's Due, book 3: Henry Morgan's Fort will be released March 14, 2022

  • Today's free books are:

    in English - Incarnator (Project Stellar, book 1) by Roman Prokofiev - free for 24 hours

    in German - Herrschaft der Clans - Die Rastlosen Buch 1 von Dem Mikhailov - 24 Stunden kostenlos

  • The Bear Clan, book 1: The Cub by Vasily Mahanenko - audiobook is released

    Death had only ever been a small misunderstanding for the high mage. After his seventh reincarnation, he'd begun thinking of it differently, viewing it as nothing more than a slight hiccup in his plans.

    But he'd forgotten one thing: When those plans get in the way of those higher up the ladder, punishment is soon to follow. And one more death brought faint consolation.

  • Perimeter Defense, book 4 - German edition is released

  • Dear all!

    We're happy to announce today's free books:

    In English: Disgardium, book 1: Class-A Threat by Dan Sugralinov is free for 24 hours!

    in German: Disgardium Buch 1: Gefahrenklasse A von Dan Sugralinov 24 Stunden kostenlos!

  • Today's free books are:

    in English: Perimeter Defense-1: Sector Eight by Michael Atamanov - US Amazon (free for 24 hours)

    in German: Perimeterverteidigung-1: Sektor Acht von Michael Atamanov - DE Amazon (24 Stunden kostenlos)

  • Underdog, book 6: Showdown by Alexey Osadchuk - German edition is released

    Nachdem er das Portal in andere Welten versiegelt hat, wird Eric zum Magister des Ordens der Mobjäger ernannt. Als Oberhaupt der einst so mächtigen Organisation kann er nun über alle Reichtümer des Ordens verfügen.


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