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  • The Naked Demon by Sherrie L.

  • The following 4 series are now in Kindle Unlimited program. Paywall free!

    Perimeter Defense by Michael Atamanov

    Dark Paladin by Vasily Mahanenko

    The Bard from Barliona by Vasily Mahanenko and Eugenia Dmitrieva

  • Dark Paladin: The Beginning by Vasily Mahanenko

    Is it easy to survive in the game world? You could say yes, if you didn’t know what the additional conditions were. They are unusual: it’s the real world in which you have lived all your life. The enemy, craving to destroy you. Your own class who couldn’t care less about you. Are you still sure that survival is easy? Then welcome to THE GAME! It will prove you wrong.

  • The URANUS Code by Kir Lukovkin

    free for 24h!

  • Adam Online - 2: City of Freedom by Max Lagno

    A new city means new adventures. Clearing dungeons? Absolutely. Killing monsters? It goes without saying. Seducing beautiful women? Afraid so. The protagonist will even get the Decorator skill for a nice interior design job.

  • The Neuro-1: The Crystal Sphere by Andrei Livadny is is free for 24h!

    Alex is one of us. An office rat during daytime, he spends sleepless nights playing his favorite MMO game: a familiar, predictable world which is about to collapse. A new virtual universe arrives to replace it, aggressively devouring all others: the Crystal Sphere.

  • Starting from today we're having a week of halyava! And it means free! Today's deal -

    The Sublime Electricity, book 1: The Illustrious by Pavel Kornev


    Grab a copy

  • The Bard from Barliona, book 2: A Song of Shadow by Vasily Mahanenko and Eugenia Dmitrieva audiobook is on!

    Every player in Barliona has heard of the Gray Lands - the land of the dead. Few have managed to travel there and speak with the heroes and villains of old. And of this minuscule number, only one bard has managed to bring the souls of the dead back to the world of the living: the Bard of Shadow. Now, it is up to her to determine the future of her race. 

  • Kräutersammler der Finsternis Buch 3
    Falle für den Herrscher
    von Michael Atamanov

  • A lazy and wussy ex-gamer, Phil becomes one of the few humans who receive a mysterious alien piece of wetware that allows them to see the world through an augmented-reality interface very similar to those used in an MMORPG game. Guided by its stats and messages, Phil begins to level up, gradually transforming himself and his life. He even opens his own business in order to help his friends and complete strangers who acquire a newfound respect for him, assisting him in his travails. 

  • The Final Trial (Level Up +3) by Dan Sugralinov is released!

    Phil Panfilov's tribulations seem to have run their course. He's quite prepared to quit the alien game installed in his brain. In fact, Phil looks forward to a normal existence: both he and his company are in excellent shape. Still, the timing seems to be badly wrong.

  • Neustart (Nächstes Level +1) von Dan Sugralinov


    "Ein sehr gutes Buch. In den fünf Stunden, in denen iches gelesen habe, existierte in meinem Leben nichts anderes mehr!" - Vasily Mahanenko

  • Disgardium, Book 2: Apostle of the Gods by Dan Sugralinov

  • Reality Benders: Web of Worlds by Michael Atamanov

  • Absolute Zero (Adam Online, Book 1) by Max Lagno is released!

    The days when people played for entertainment have passed. Welcome to the future. The virtual world of Adam Online is a place where humanity lives. The former champion has returned to the game to find the Mentors — systems of artificial intelligence that bestow digital immortality on humans. 

  • The Bard from Barliona by Vasily Mahanenko and Eugenia Dmitrieva is 0,99$

    Barliona is back! OLD WORLD, NEW HEROES!

  • Kräutersammler der Finsternis: Hart am Wind von Michael Atamanov

    Als Timothy endlich Arbeit als Tester eines beliebten MMORPG findet, ist er in seinem Traumjob gelandet. Jetzt verdient er gutes Geld und kann tun, was ihm wirklich Spaß macht: ein schönes, realistisches Computerspiel spielen. Er ist jedoch nicht irgendein gewöhnlicher Spieler wie so viele andere.

  • Four years. We're four years old!

    70 books ago, when the world was only about to love LitRPG, when the only Russian authors you heard of were Dostoevsky and Chekhov, we started our little experiment. Today our books are published in Russia, US, UK, Canada, Australia, Czech Republic, Poland, South Korea and Germany (and we keep working on becoming worldwide).

  • Dear all!

    Today is the day we're signing up three of our series to Kindle Unlimited program. No paywall for these anymore:

    Phantom Server by A. Livadny (3 books)

    The Neuro by A. Livadny (3 books)

    AlterGame by A. Novak (3 books)

  • Brilliant journalist, interviewer and writer G. Zotov celebrates his birthday today.

    We published two of his books in English - Moskau and El Diablo.

    Theese and other books by Zotov are inexhaustible source of humor and irony for us and thousands of Russian readers.

  • Audiobook The History of the Galaxy-3: Servobattalion by Andrei Livadny is released!

    The fire of the First Galactic War has enveloped the inhabited region of space. More and more planets are being drawn into the conflict between the Terran Alliance and the Free Colonies. Weapons are being improved, and military artificial intelligence modules are being created. The war of humans is gradually transforming into a war of machines.

  • The Beginning (Dark Paladin-1) by Vasily Mahanenko is 0,99$ for 24h

  • Video Game Plotline Tester by Michael Atamanov is free for 24h

    Would you be prepared to work for free? How would you like to bust your hump for a large corporation 60-plus hours a week without a wage or a single day off for the vague promise of some mysterious perks in the distant future?

  • The First Player (AlterGame-1) by Andrew Novak is free for 24h

    THIS IS ALTERRA, where you can be the master of your own castle... or a field hand on a farm.
    And this is Jack, who wants to make his way to a different continent, hidden in the virtual mist.

  • Dear all!

  • Mirror World - 1: Project Daily Grind by Alexey Osadchuk is free for 24 hours

    The ads enthused, “The virtual lands of Mirror World await you! Live out your most secret dreams in our world of Sword and Sorcery! Become a Great Wizard or a Famous Warrior! Build your own castle, tame a dragon, conquer a kingdom! All those desperate, lonely and insecure - Mirror World offers you a chance!”

  • Sector Eight (Perimeter Defense - 1) by Michael Atamanov is free for 24 hours!

    A strange unyielding body that used to belong to Crown Prince George; a weird game you can't quit until your contract expires; a world teeming with powerful and very real enemies. The game in which your reputation and faction relationship are the only things that matter.

  • The Way of the Shaman by Vasily Mahanenko

  • The Way of the Shaman - 2: Kartoss Gambit by Vasily Mahanenko is 2,99$ in Kobo store

    Mirror World - 2: The Citadel by Alexey Osadchuk is 2,99 in Kobo store

  • Galactogon 2: In search of the Uldans by Vasily Mahanenko

    What could be better than space adventures? Captain Surgeon knows the answer to this question—space piracy! Loot, pillage, plunder and sell all the lucre—that’s the motto of the Galactogon pirates, and Surgeon is doing his best to join their number.


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