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  • Black Sun (Phantom Server-3) by Andrei Livadny is 2,99$ in iTunes

    Zander and his gamer friends used to face danger without fear, finding strength in the promise of a safe respawn. Nothing could harm or destroy them. This was only a game... or was it?

  • THe Outlaw (Phantom Server-2) by Andrei Livadny is 2,99$ in iTunes

    The Eurasia fleet has entered the Darg star system. The unsuspecting players look forward to the adventure of their lifetimes. Zander alone is now facing a harsh and unpredictable "alternative storyline".

  • Game Changer (Reality Benders-3) by Michael Atamanov is 2,99$ in iTunes

  • External Threat by Michael Atamanov - 2,99$ in iTunes

  • Clans War (Way of the Shaman - 7) by Vasily Mahanenko is 2,99$ in iTunes

  • Level Up: The Knockout by Max Lagno and Dan Sugralinov is released!

    If you have read the original Level Up series, we would like to warn you at once: the book has another protagonist, although the setting is the same. The chronology of the events described in this book is the same as that of the first two books in the Level Up series (Restart and Hero)

  • The Karmadont Chess Set by Vasily Mahanenko - 2,99$ in iTunes

    Mahan's ready for new adventures - just as the gaming world of Barliona thought it was about to re-enter its old comfortable rut. The winds of the Dark Forest have finally died down; Altameda has recognized its new owner while Geranika is nursing new schemes of global destruction. 

  • The Phantom Castle (Way of the Shaman-4) by Vasily Mahanenko is 2,99$ in iTunes

  • The Secret of the Dark Forest (Way of the Shaman-3) by Vasily Mahanenko is 2,99$ in iTunes

  • Level Up +3: The Final Trial by Dan Sugralinov opening chapter is published in our blog. There'll be more soon, so stay tuned.

    The Kartoss Gambit (Way of the Shaman-2) by Vasily Mahanenko is on discount today. 2,99$ in iTunes store

  • The Reapers (The Neuro-3) by A. Livadny - 2,99$ in iTunes

    Alex and Enea are back in the Crystal Sphere where in their absence a catastrophe has struck. Virtual reality is now controlled by the Reapers: hybrid identities evolved from high-level NPCs who kill human players to harvest their neurograms.

  • The Curse of Rion Castle (The Neuro-2) by A. Livadny is 2,99$ in iTunes

  • God Mode (AlterGame - 3) by Andrew Novak is only 2,99$ in iTunes

    How far the Dark Service questline has brought me... It all began like an epic adventure. Finding the Tear of the Demon King and the Black Sword, journeying to the lost continent, meeting good friends and battling vicious adversaries. It was a breakthrough into the depths of the virtual world, where no one before me had gone.

  • AlterGame: On the Lost Continent by Andrew Novak is on discount - 2.99$ in iTunes

  • A Game with no Rules (Perimeter Defense - 4) by Michael Atamanov - 2,99$ in iTunes

  • Perimeter Defense - 3: New Contract by Michael Atamanov

  • The Final Trial by Dan Sugralinov

    Phil Panfilov's tribulations seem to have run their course. He's quite prepared to quit the alien game installed in his brain. In fact, Phil looks forward to a normal existence: both he and his company are in excellent shape. Still, the timing seems to be badly wrong.

  • Finding a Body (The Dark Herbalist 4) by Michael Atamanov is released!

  • El Diablo by G. Zotov is released!

    A serial killer prowls the streets of 1930s Lima, terrorizing the city with ceremonial murders reminiscent of gruesome Inca rituals. Is he a crazy history lover or the servant of the infernal being whose name local Catholic priests don’t even dare utter? In order to solve the blood-curdling riddle, one might need to venture into places not of this Earth...

  • Merry Christmas everybody!

  • Galactogon: Start the Game by Vasily Mahanenko is now available in paperback

  • Restart by Vasily Mahanenko - 2,99$ in iTunes

  • Dark Paladin-2: The Quest by Vasily Mahanenko is 2,99$ in iTunes

  • Mirror World-2: The Citadel by Alexey Osadchuk - 0,99$ in Kobo store

    The Dark Herbalist-3: A Trap for the Potentate by Michael Atamanov - 2,99$ in iTunes


  • Stay on the Wing (The Dark Herbalist 2) by Michael Atamanov is on discount in iTunes store.

    Only 2,99$


  • Perimeter Defense: Beyond Death by Michael Atamanov - 2,99$

    Still, the far echo of space combat hasn’t affected the lifestyle of the rich and conservative Throne World back on Earth. There, the Emperor habitually indulges in political intrigues with the Great Houses of his realm, none of whom are prepared to sacrifice their personal interests for the sake of uniting humanity in the face of an external enemy.

  • The Way of the Shaman: The Kartoss Gambit is on discount in Kobo store!

    December 12 - 17

    Barliona is a brand-new virtual world which offers everyone the chance to start a new life as a valiant knight, a hero or a beautiful princess. Many people have come here in search of a new identity.

  • The second book of the Dark Herbalist series in German is up for pre-order!

    Kräutersammler der Finsternis Buch 2: die äußerst erfolgreiche russische LitRPG-Buchreihe, die in den USA ein riesiger Hit geworden ist – jetzt in deutscher Sprache erhältlich!

  • Level Up +2: Hero by Dan Sugralinov is released!

  • Dan Sugralinov author of astonishing Level Up series celebrates his birthday today. 

    We wish Dan to keep bringing joy to peoples all over the globe, more great books and inexhaustible inspirstion!

    Happy Birthday!


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