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  • Disgardium, Book 3: The Destroying Plague by Dan Sugralinov will be released January 9, 2020!

    Having emerged from the sandbox into the wide world of Disgardium, Scyth and his friends find themselves under the watchful eye of the preventers. The strongest clans in the world hunt not only Scyth, but also the already discovered ‘threat’ Crag, a member of the Awoken clan.

  • An NPC's Path: Kingdom of the Dead by Pavel Kornev is released!

  • A Jump into the Unknown (Reality Benders 5) by Michael Atamanov is live!

  • Disgardium, Book 2: Apostle of the Sleeping Gods audiobook by Dan Sugralinov is released!

  • NPC's Path, Book 3: Deadman's Retinue by Pavel Kornev is released!

  • NPC's Path, Book 2: Kingdom of the Dead by Pavel Kornev paperback is released!

  • Underdog 1: Dungeons of the Crooked Mountains by Alexey Osadchuk audiobook is released!

    Eric was born in a world governed by the Great System, in the family of Aren Bergman, a respected miner from Orchus. But the joy of gaining a son was overshadowed by the newborn's terrible affliction. Eric was completely nulled-level zero and no characteristics points. The only things keeping him from dying were his tiny base supplies of "life" and "energy".

  • Michael R.

  • Spielwende (Unterwerfung der Wirklichkeit Buch 3) von Michael Atamanov pre-order is up

  • The fourth and the last book of the Dark Herbalist series by Michael Atamanov is released in German

  • Die Phantomburg (Survival Quest-4) von Vasily Mahanenko

  • Knockout-2: Update (Level Up side story) by Dan Sugralinov and Max Lagno is up for pre-order

    Having lost the Trial, Hagen didn't just lose his interface and his memory of it, but also everything he'd achieved. His UFC career was ruined before it even began. Stripped of all his skills and abilities, Mike is once again a useless weakling. The last straw is the loss of all the money that he'd bet on his own victory.

  • Invasion: A Second Chance by Vasily Mahanenko audiobook is released!

    Reality is cruel. The rising level of technological development has led to a rising level of unemployment. They're laying off everybody, from teachers to technical servicemen. What's the point of holding onto a person if they can be replaced by an advanced mechanism?

  • The Dark Herbalist, book 4: Finding a Body by Michael Atamanov is released in German (paperback only!)

  • Bedrohung aus dem All (Unterwerfung der Wirklichkeit Buch 2) von Michael Atamanov ist hier!

  • Disgardium opening chapters in Germn are published in our blog.

    The book is scheduled on January 3, 2020!

    Gefahrenklasse A

  • The Way of the Shaman, Book 3: The Secret of the Dark Forest by Vasily Mahanenko will be released in German 6 weeks earlier than originally planned!

  • Reality Benders, book 2: External Threat (Bedrohung aus dem All) by Michael Atamanov is released in paperback

  • The first Disgardium book: Class-A Threat by Dan Sugralinov is on sale!

    The amazing YA adventure of young Alex in the virtual world of Disgardium for 0,99$ 

  • Level Up, Book 3: The Final Trial by Dan Sugralinov is released in German

  • The fourth Perimeter Defense: A Game with no Rules by Michael Atamanov is released in Czech Republic!

    One of the first complete LitRPG series in the country.

    Thank you, Fantom Print!

    Congratulation, Michael Atamanov!

  • Dear all!

    We're happy to announce that the first book of The Dark Herbalist series by Michael Atamanov has been an Amazon Bestseller for a whole year!

    The book was published on September 12, 2019 and today it's still one of most popular books in Cyberpunk and Translated Science Fiction catgories.

    Thank you, amazing German readers for your generous ratings (4.8) and reviews (90% - five starts).

    Congratulations, Michael Atamanov!

  • Disgardium 1 by Dan Sugralinov in German is up for pre-order

    Unsere Zukunft. Für Nicht-Bürger und Personen von niedrigem sozialen Status gibt es nur einen Ort, an dem sie Arbeit finden können: in der virtuellen Welt Disgardium. Doch bessere Jobs als Erz abzubauen, Schweineställe auszumisten oder in Gasthäusern Geschirr abzuwaschen, gibt es für sie dort auch nicht.

  • Dear Michael Atamanov!

    Russian readers love your books. American, British, Canadian and Australian readers love your books. Readers from Czech Republic and Germany love your books and we think French readers will have similar feelings when they read your book this Autumn.

    People all over the world enjoy worlds you created.

  • Blood of Fate (World 99) by Dan Sugralinov is released!

  • Die virtuelle Welt von Barliona ist ein Ort, der zum Entspannen und zur Unterhaltung gedacht ist - aber nicht für jeden ... Daniel Mahan wurde zu acht Jahren Haft in diesem virtuellen Gefängnis verurteilt, und nun kämpft er um sein Überleben.

  • Eric has survived where people much stronger than him have found their deaths. And not just that: he's managed to activate his magic supply, tame one of the most dangerous dungeon monsters, find the ancient city of monster hunters and rescue Jay, the girl abandoned by the scouts in Gulper's lair.

  • When we read the first book of Interworld Network by Dmitry Bilik it was like a bolt of lightning. Best urban fantasy in a long time and at the same time - amazing LitRPG! It's smart and iventive, great pace, perfect charatcters (what a team the mc gathers by the end of book 1!)

    And now we're very proud and happy that we can share this brilliant series with you.

    Happy Birthday, Dmitry Bilik!

  • Reality Benders 5: A Jump into the Unknown by Michael Atamanov is coming October 23, 2019

  • A Check for a Billion (Galactogon - 3) by Vasily Mahanenko is released!

    A check for a billion credits. The prize seemed lost forever and here it glittered again with all its colors, drawing the couple like a magnet. The pirates, the Uldans, the Zatrathi—none of it mattered now. The final goal was so close. All they had to do was reach out and grasp it.


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