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  • Im System Buch 2: Stadt der Untoten von Petr Zhgulyov erscheint am 22. August 2022

  • Unfrozen, book 4: Killer Play by Anton Tekshin is released!

    Contrary to the odds, he was a survivor.

  • We're happy to announce that Underdog-7, The Bear Clan-2 and Unfrozen-3 have just been released on Audible!


  • Dear all!

    For the next two weeks we're going to give away free books. And todays deal is:

    Reality Benders, book 1: Countdown by Michael Atamanov - free for 24h.

  • Leibhaftige Noa (Welt der Verwandelten Buch 3) von Vasily Mahanenko ist on

  • Ein mörderisches Spiel: Aufgetaut #4 (Unfrozen) erscheint am 29. Juni 2022

    Aller Wahrscheinlichkeit zum Trotz hatte er überlebt.

  • Avatar des Lichts (Das Netz der verknüpften Welten Buch 2) von Dmitry Bilik ist on!

  • The Range, book 5: The Fall of Elysium by Yurin Ulengov will be released September 9, 2022

  • Project Stellar, book 6: The Legate by Roman Prokofiev is released!

    “I hereby command:
    To connect the military orbitals as to the Sky Strike scheme.
    To launch a synchronized strike targeting the Black Moon as soon as it comes into range.
    To ensure the complete exhaustion of the missiles’ Absolute reactors to trigger annihilation processes.”

  • Dear Kaitlyn!

    We at Magic Dome Books always enjoyed your books and your company. Hopefully dark days shall pass and we all meet again, laugh and talk about literature.

    Many happy returns and Happy birthday!

    MDB team

  • Loner-3: Union of the Damned by Alex Kosh is going to be released September 13, 2022

  • Small Unit Tactics series by Alexander Romanov will be released in Germany Autumn 2022


  • The Range, book 3: Guardian of the Verge by Yuri Ulengov - audiobook is released!

    Altai has always considered himself lucky, but this time, his luck at the Range may have run out. His first venture into the Orange Zone turned out to be a setup, a standard leveling up mission proved to be disastrous, and an epic quest cost the lives of his squadmates. Moreover, he found himself teetering on the brink of survival.

  • Der verzauberte Fjord #1: Jenseits des Nebels von Marina Surzhevskaya ist on!

  • Henry Morgan's Fort (Buccaneer's Due, book 3) by Igor Knox is released!

  • Loner series by Alex Kosh is going to be translated in German starting Autumn 2022

    Arktanien ist eine virtuelle Steampunk-Welt, in der Zaubersprüche, verzauberte Artefakte, dampfbetriebene Maschinen, Schusswaffen und mechanische Golems zum Alltag gehören.

  • Unfrozen, book 2: Old-School by Anton Tekshin - audiobook is released!

    Have you ever experienced this - you try your hardest, sacrifice everything that was dear to you, but at the very end of your quest you find out that "your princess was at a different castle"?

  • EndGame (Unfrozen-5) by Anton Tekshin will be released May 9, 2022

  • We're happy to announce that French edition of the Clan Dominance series by Dem Mikhailov is going to be translated and released in French!

    Book 1 will be issued September 19, 2022


    The World of Waldyra : La suprématie des Veilleurs — la saga légendaire culte par l’un des pères fondateurs du genre LitRPG !

  • Thunder Rumbles Twice by V. Kriptonov and M. Bachurova

    A bestselling Wuxia series coming May 20, 2022

    He has lost it all – his family, his health, his job. When life loses all meaning but revenge against your enemy, you can follow him even to another world from where you have no chance of returning. With nothing but uncertainty ahead.

  • An NPC's Path, book 5: Nemesis of the Living by Pavel Kornev - audiobook is released

    In virtual reality, nothing is for real. Fake orcs pretend to fight phony elves. Priests go through the motions of casting blessings. Wizards defeat their enemies with digital illusions of combat spells.

  • Georgy Zotov, author of Moskau and El Diablo celebrates his birthday. Many happy returns to you, mr Zotov. Keep up the great work!

    MDB team

  • Eine Katze und ihr Mensch (Die Allianz der Pechvögel Buch 1) von Michael Atamanov ist on!

    Als die Hauptfigur Andrej herausfindet, dass seine Freundin ihn betrogen hat, steht er vor einer unerwarteten Wahl: ein schneller Tod oder ein neues Leben in einer anderen Welt, über die er absolut nichts weiß.

  • Underdog, book 1: Dungeons of the Crooked Mountains by Alexey Osadchuk is released in Japanese

    This release is very important for us. Until now our efforts were mostly concentrated on the Western market. If we can find LitRPG readers in the east, that’d mean we’re one step closer to our goal – building an international litrpg community. Help us by spreading the word (If there’re any Japanese speaking readers among your friends)


  • We expressly condemn the military aggression which is currently unfolding in the territory of Ukraine. Our deepest condolences go to all the victims of this war and to all those whose lives have come under threat, forcing them to abandon their homes and flee to safety. This nightmare must end as soon as possible!

  • Disgardium, book 10: Clear Threat by Dan Sugralinov is released

    Scyth, known in the Inferno as the tiefling Hakkar, decanus in the worst legion of them all, must gain an audience with Prince Belial to get his hands on the Coals of Hellflame.

  • 荒れ地 (下克上アンダードッグ #2) will be released July 28, 2022


  • Disgardium-6: Der Pfad des Geistes von Dan Sugralinov ist hier!

  • Heroes of the Final Frontier, book 2 by Dem Mikhailov will be released April 20, 2022

  • Die Kalandaha Chroniken Buch 1: Ratslayer von Jens Forwick is released!


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