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  • The Dark Herbalist: Video Game Plotline Tester by Michael Atamanov is free for 24 hours

    Would you be prepared to work for free? How would you like to bust your hump for a large corporation 60-plus hours a week without a wage or a single day off for the vague promise of some mysterious perks in the distant future?

  • Galactogon: Start the Game by Vasily Mahanenko is free for 24 hours!

    Twelve players set off through the online world of Galactogon, lured by the game owners' promise of an enormous payoff. The question is, who will survive to tell the tale? Which of the twelve is a potential hero - or a traitor in the making? Which of them will defend the weak and who will become the ultimate evil overlord?

  • Mirror World: Project Daily Grind by Alexey Osadchuk is free for 24h

    The ads enthused, “The virtual lands of Mirror World await you! Live out your most secret dreams in our world of Sword and Sorcery! Become a Great Wizard or a Famous Warrior! Build your own castle, tame a dragon, conquer a kingdom! All those desperate, lonely and insecure - Mirror World offers you a chance!”

  • First he was in the military, then he was a salesman, a writer, an agent and finally he became a publisher. The one that got you introduced to LitRPG (no less), the one that gathered our team which is now bringing the best examples of Russian Fantasy and Sci-Fi all over the globe.

    Our friend and colleague, a man of great feeling for what might become a success in different cultures and on different markets. A man of responsibility and tact.

  • Phantom Server: Edge of Reality by Andrei Livadny is free for 24 hours

    He is a cyber dweller. A gamer who's grown up in the web of virtual illusion woven from hundreds of phantom worlds. His biggest dream is to dump the real world for good.

  • The Way of the Shaman: Survival Quest is free for 24h!

  • Reality Benders: Web of Worlds by Michael Atamanov is released!

  • We decided to remake the cover of the first Disgardium by Dan Sugralinov.

    Check it out!

    Disgardium: Class-A Threat

  • Countdown (Reality Benders - 1) by Michael Atamanov is released in German

  • Level Up: Knockout  von Dan Sugralinov und Max Lagno

    Mike Hagen, ein Amerikaner mit dem Spitznamen „Heulsuse“, ist einer der Auserwählten, die ein Augmented Reality Interface bekommen haben. Sein Lieblingsspiel ist allerdings ein MMA-Kampfsportspiel – möglicherweise gerade, weil er im echten Leben noch nie gekämpft hat – und das Interface hat sich ihm angepasst.

  • Level Up +3: The Final Trial by Dan Sugralinov audiobook is released!

    Phil Panfilov's tribulations seem to have run their course. He's quite prepared to quit the alien game installed in his brain. In fact, Phil looks forward to a normal existence: both he and his company are in excellent shape. Still, the timing seems to be badly wrong.

  • Galactogon-2: In Search of Uldans by Vasily Mahanenko is released!

    What could be better than space adventures? Captain Surgeon knows the answer to this question—space piracy! Loot, pillage, plunder and sell all the lucre—that’s the motto of the Galactogon pirates, and Surgeon is doing his best to join their number.

  • Toter Schurke (Der Weg eines NPCs Buch Nr. 1) is released!

    In virtuellen Welten herrscht grenzenlose Freiheit. Man kann sich nach Lust und Laune in einen Elfenzauberer oder einen unsichtbaren Schurken verwandeln, sich einem Clan anschließen und auf Raubzug gehen, kämpfen, den eigenen Charakter weiterentwickeln und vor allen Dingen dem Alltagstrott entkommen.

  • Our new series is an IRL LirRPG (just like Level Up by Dan Sugralinov). It is called Interworld Network by Dmitry Bilik.

    The Time Master 

    An ordinary Russian guy, Sergei picks a fight in his neighborhood, defending a little boy. Problem is, the guy he's just defeated vanishes into thin air, leaving Sergei to discover he now possesses the ability to turn time around.

  • Disgardium, book 1: Class-A THreat by Dan Sugralinov is released (Kindle - audio - paperback)

    Our future. Noncitizens and individuals of low social standing can only find work in one place – the virtual world of Disgardium. And that might mean mining ore; it could just as well mean cleaning pigsties or washing dishes in a tavern, but that’s about as glamorous as it gets.

  • We've published 19 book series. Some of them got great results. But to this day this one series is still the most provocative and entertaining. The one that raised the bar for the whole genre. The one that remains readers favorite.

    The Way of the Shaman

    Happy birthday, Vasily Mahanenko!

    Thank you for the amazing journey. We can't wait to get on board with your next book!



  • All three books of Level Up series by Dan Sugralinov are now on Kindle Unlimited

    At thirty years old, Phil is an unemployed gamer who struggles to make ends meet. His only source of income is freelance writing (when he feels inspired enough to add another article to his less-than-popular blog). His wife has just walked out on him, leaving him without money, purpose, or food in the fridge. 

  • Not just a wonderful author but also a really nice guy and our good friend.
    Happy birthday, Andrew! Let all your dream come true!

    AlterGame (on Kindle Unlimited)


  • The Dark Herbalist-4: Finding a Body by Michael Atamanov

    audiobook is released!

    What is it like for a small flap-eared goblin herbalist to play the role of the Dark Sovereign, the main antagonist for Boundless Realm's hundreds of millions of players? What is it like to find one's self the standard bearer for an army of man-eating giants, cyclops, skeletons, ghosts, and other hellspawn, who don't give a damn about their modest little ruler? 

  • Mirror World by Alexey Osadchuk is on Kindle Unlimited now

  • Nächstes Level Buch 2: Held von Dan Sugralinov

  • Respawn Trials: Edge of the Abyss by Andrei Livadny is released!

    He had thought that he'd already experienced everything that a normal life had to offer. He'd thought he could clearly see what his future holds. Then a sudden phone call changed everything. The Edge of the Abyss was the first full-scale virtual reality, where he was asked to complete a simple task... and which turned out to be far from heaven.

  • The Dark Herbalist by Michael Atamanov

    4 books are now on Kindle Unlimited -

  • Sector Eight (Perimeter Defense - 1) by Michael Atamanov

    A strange unyielding body that used to belong to Crown Prince George; a weird game you can't quit until your contract expires; a world teeming with powerful and very real enemies. The game in which your reputation and faction relationship are the only things that matter.

  • Blind Punch (The History of the Galaxy -1) by Andrei Livadny

    Year 2197.
    Earth is suffering from the consequences of an environmental catastrophe. Cities the size of continents are drowning in a toxic industrial fog.

  • The Naked Demon by Sherrie L.

  • The following 4 series are now in Kindle Unlimited program. Paywall free!

    Perimeter Defense by Michael Atamanov

    Dark Paladin by Vasily Mahanenko

    The Bard from Barliona by Vasily Mahanenko and Eugenia Dmitrieva

  • Dark Paladin: The Beginning by Vasily Mahanenko

    Is it easy to survive in the game world? You could say yes, if you didn’t know what the additional conditions were. They are unusual: it’s the real world in which you have lived all your life. The enemy, craving to destroy you. Your own class who couldn’t care less about you. Are you still sure that survival is easy? Then welcome to THE GAME! It will prove you wrong.

  • The URANUS Code by Kir Lukovkin

    free for 24h!

  • Adam Online - 2: City of Freedom by Max Lagno

    A new city means new adventures. Clearing dungeons? Absolutely. Killing monsters? It goes without saying. Seducing beautiful women? Afraid so. The protagonist will even get the Decorator skill for a nice interior design job.


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