Alpha Rome-2 is in pre-order

Alpha Rome-2: Skurfaifer by RosPer will be releaed September 17, 2021

An old military veteran wanted to add a little color to his lonely existence. So, he entered Alpha Rome. This virtual world has given him the chance to feel young again and have one last taste of the spice of life. The prospect of death is no longer daunting, as anyone who dies is reborn by replicating in a purpose-built capsule. Volper’s military experience, keen eye and sharp negotiating skills have helped him get off to a successful start, but his view of the project has taken a sharp turn.

More and more questions are popping up and there are no answers in sight. Why have people with psychic abilities been declared dangerous mutants, and why is there now a war against them? Why were the androids destroyed and what will happen if they return to this world? How do you get the Skurfaifer profession and why are those who try to do so being hunted down? What are people he knows from his past, people he had thought to be dead, doing in Project Alpha Rome?

Volper is intent on getting to the bottom of all this. But he will not be acting alone. After meeting an amateur team of teenage players and their guardian, Volper could not ignore their unenviable fate and decided to turn this group, who are unlikely to do well in the game, into a well-formed and well-coordinated combat unit. He is now responsible for them, and they are ready to stand by him.

Read the next book in this popular series by Russian-speaking author Ros Per, where fast-paced fantasy and ruthless post-apocalyptic action meet game mechanics and character evolution to form a LitRPG classic.

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