Audio news: two new books and one release date

A Trap for the Potentate (The Dark Herbalist, Book 3) by Michael Atamanov

‎Narrator: Eric Michael Summerer


The great hunt is over. In the end, Timothy managed to keep his invaluable prize. A victory? Perhaps. But glory and adrenaline are very powerful narcotics, and tolerance builds quickly. Once deprived of them, life immediately becomes gray and bleak. What's more, his beautiful lover is beginning to transparently hint that she could find herself a more interesting beau.

What is a talented player to do in this case? The solution suggests itself: rush headlong into the most dangerous adventures, taking risks and walking the blade of a knife. Timothy must do everything in his power to survive in places where making a clean escape is entirely impossible, delighting the viewers with his utterly unique playing style and proving decisively to his lady that his previous success was no mere coincidence.

Will it be hard?


But old reliable friends are still by his side, and that means victory is possible.

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On the Lost Continent (AlterGame, Book 2) by Andrew Novak

Narrator: Troy Duran


Jack thought his greatest challenge would be reaching the shores of the lost continent, then the perks and loot would just roll in. It so happened that a hail of unexpected gifts from Fate rained down on him, like water from a leaky bucket. But Fate is a sneaky thing. Its gifts can just as easily pummel you to death. Now Jack is a fugitive, pariah, the living dead. And that's just in reality. In the game, the Gods themselves have turned against him.

However, the Gods still don't know who they're messing with.

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And also we have the date for Clans War (Way of the Shaman, 7) release!

It's May 22, 2018


Thank you, Tantor Audio!