Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones-7 - audiobook is released!

Clan Dominance: The Sleepless Ones-7 by Dem Mikhailov - audiobook is released!

It's time for the Great Navigator Rosgard to lead his seafaring armadas toward the far-off new continent. Waldyra's players are impatient to get there.

But instead, Rosgard becomes a father. Although his mischievous daughter is only a digital creation of this virtual world, the challenges of being a father are the same. Besides, she isn't a child anymore but a restless teen.

The girl is a potential goddess in the making, and her arrival into this world isn't exactly welcome by the gods of old whose thrones are getting a bit shaky. New gods like herself offer gifts to their would-be followers, stripping the old gods of their dwindling flocks and with them, the divine energy that sustains them. With a considerable drop in power, the old gods risk being thrown down into the divine hell of Tantarial. No one wants to go to hell, and gods are no exception. The wicked goddess Guorra embarks on a veritable headhunt looking for the girl who's now in mortal danger.

So Rosgard has no choice. He's obliged to take his little girl with him on his perilous journey. And now he's busy leveling up while preparing for his great voyage which promises new puzzles and mysteries in his discovery of Waldyra.


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