The Crow cycle-1 - audiobook is on!

The Crow cycle-1 by Dem Mikhailov - audiobook is released!

The world of Waldyra treats its inhabitants differently. Some of them, appearing out of nowhere, suddenly receive unique achievements and quests; they become living legends and idols while basking in the limelight. And there are those who call Waldyra home. They do not play, but rather live in this colorful magic world. They do not get anything unique or legendary in return.

Perhaps they are just unlucky? Or maybe they don't need the hype, and they are content with their simple existence? Or could there be something special about a peaceful and well-planned life? Who knows . . . As the old saying goes, "Only time will tell."

At the foot of the foreboding Gray Peak lies a desolate valley. These are the backwoods of the world of Waldyra—they offer nothing valuable to players, who rarely visit as a result. Yet this is the very place where the calm and good-natured dwarf named Crow is headed. Straight after leaving the Creche, he hopes to make a living there. This hero does not crave epic battles with monsters. Quite the contrary. He wants to be a merchant and develop his blacksmithing skills, while staying far away from fighting, long voyages, and clan squabbles. But, as it often happens, if you want peace, be ready for war . . .

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