The Fairy Code-2 is up for pre-order!

The Fairy Code-2: Chosen of the Shadows by Kaitlyn Weiss is up for pre-order!

I was the last hope for the faeries. Yes, I found my love, true love, in Doran, King of the Court of Shadows and Leader of the Wild Hunt, but he wanted to deprive me of my freedom, my right to control my own destiny. Though no longer his captive, per se, since we’d been coupled by the Tree, this meant nothing. I was still “his” in his eyes, even if he loved me.

And so I had no option but to show him once and for all that love without respect is no kind of love at all. And I also needed to find out who or what I was and why there were forces out to kill me or to bind me to their side.

But with every step I take now, the sense of foreboding in me grows...

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Release - June 10, 2020