Free (just 12/17/2015) The Naked Demon (a steamy paranormal romance) by Sherrie L.

A succubus – a demon who prays on human sexual energy - takes over a young girl, a university freshman, and makes her commit various indecent exploits. Soon she learns about the existence of a mystery organization of demon hunters and discovers that a locket left to her by her late grandma is not just a piece of jewelry but a powerful artifact. Now she has to untangle a web of mysterious intrigues in order to find out why she is the one who is hunted by demons. The ordinary girl has to deal with Scarlet, a handsome and irrepressible demon lover, and Gray – a cunning, seductive, malicious and heartless sadistic incubus.

But is she really ordinary? Who was her Grandma? And who is Allison herself, really?

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