Happy birthday, Dmitry Bilik!

One month ago we already celebrated Dmitry's birthday. By mistake. This time it really is one! And we stay by our previous statement:

Dmitry Bilik, author of Interworld Network is celebrating birthday today! This is a brilliant series and we highly recommend that you give it a try!

Just imagine, a small town in Russia. It’s gloomy and cold. Nothing interesting ever happens here. And an ordinary men lives in this town working as a loader in a local storage. Then one day he accidentally kills a stranger while looking for neighbor’s boy who’s missing. And then he becomes a Player.

And then this so unbelievably familiar (to us) Russian everydayness suddenly turns out to be filled with real magic. This book reminds us of Harry Potter. The same feeling that this ordinary life is ordinary no more. It’s something so much bigger – a part of a huge world inhabited by different creatures, ruled by great powers. And the mc who has no idea what is about to happen to him now that he became a part of The Game.

Book 1: The Time Master

Book 2: Avatar of Light

Happy Birthday, Dmitry! We are always eager to read your books!