Heroes of the Final Frontier-5 is available for pre-order!

Heroes of the Final Frontier, book 5 by Dem Mikhailov will be released June 5, 2023

Angora. The legendary mystical City of the Dead whose location remains a mystery to everyone.

Ancient legend has it that only the brightest souls find their final resting place in Angora—the ones that are considered worthy of an eternal afterlife. Great mages and warriors of the past, legendary alchemists, ancient kings, and terrible villains—they are all said to have found a home in the secret city of Angora after their death. But is there any truth to that myth? Or could it be that the legendary Angora had long been destroyed and fallen into oblivion with all the souls that had once lived there?

That is what Rosgard and his friends intend to find out. They are about to embark on another perilous journey. This time their destination is Angora—the Great City of the Dead, once ruled by the death god Anrull before his fall from his lofty throne. And Anrull would never accept being thwarted that way.

The road to the Kingdom of the Dead will be far from easy, and Rosgard is bound to run into others headed in the same direction along the way—parties that pursue their own goals, keep their own secrets, and are willing to pay any price to reach the mystical City of the Dead that lies at the sinister gates of Tantariall, the place where the overthrown gods of Waldyra remain imprisoned for eternity.

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Book 6 - October 13, 2023