Mirror World is now on Kindle Unlimited!

Mirror World by Alexey Osadchuk is on Kindle Unlimited now

The story unfolds in the near future where humanity is completely consumed by the opportunity to earn its living logging in to Mirror World: a full immersion MMORPG game developed by Reflex International, Ltd. Here, paid account users enjoy full freedom in their new virtual home, sampling a vast range of colors, smells and even tastes, indulging in their ability to fly or experiencing pain from combat wounds. They’re offered an unlimited choice of races and territories, allowing them to go on mysterious quests and missions. In Mirror World, anyone can become a warrior or a wizard, a street vendor or alchemist - provided they can afford it. They can build a castle on a cliff or start a small farm near a calm cozy town - if they’re prepared to pay, that is.

But if you can’t pay, you can always take out a bank loan to purchase one of the game’s “daily grind” plans. Which is exactly what Oleg does when he finds out his six-year-old daughter requires urgent heart surgery. He needs money ASAP; his only hope is in signing a sweatshop contract with Reflex International and start toiling in Mirror World’s mines in full immersion, fighting hunger and agonizing pain. To add insult to injury, he’s a complete newb who’s never played a game before and has to learn everything on the go.

Would Oleg - now known as Olgerd - manage to raise enough money to save his daughter? Predictably, the contract he signed comes with strings attached. Would he manage to escape hard labor and return victorious to his family? He might - but it would take every ounce of his willpower and ingenuity...

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