New series by Dem Mikhailov is coming Spring 2021

Nullform - new RealRPG series from Dem Mikhailov one of the pioneers of LitRPG is coming April 5, 2021

In this world, everyone starts with no memory and no recollection of their past life. In this world, you have nothing — even your limbs are rented, and you'll have to pay up every day. In this world, you must complete tasks assign¬¬ed to you by the System or be fined and stripped of everything, including your arms and legs. In this world, you're under unrelenting supervision. But in dark corners hidden from the System's watchful eye, violence, brutality, and lawlessness abound.

In this world, you're assigned a number. You're a volitional Nullform. Now it's up to you to adapt to this reality and try to survive without ending up crippled. Just don't mess up, or you'll be wishing you were dead as you dig yourself deeper into an endless pit of debt. This world will not take pity on you. You'll have to work tirelessly to earn the right to live another day…

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