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Nullform, book 6 by Dem Mikhailov will be released October 24, 2022

The upward journey is always tough. The higher you climb, the stronger, smarter, and more savage the enemy. And nobody is insured against loss. Elb's tight-knit combat unit has lost a number of fighters. Loyal comrades-in-arms decided to leave the squad, just as it was entering a zone full of deadly dangerous beasties; a time when a fighting disposition and unfailing support were needed like never before.

Will these losses affect Elb's desire to soldier on? No, they will not. Nothing but death will break the fighter goblin Elb's resolve to keep moving. His only thought is how to recoup his losses and continue his journey.

Up ahead tower the grim walls of Zombieland, which clearly bode no good for Elb's group as they march tenaciously onward…

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