Project Stellar 3 - audiobook is released!

Project Stellar: The Tribute by Roman Prokofiev - audiobook is released!

Every survivor dreams of one day making it to the City. Humanity's last hope, it boasts the best resources and the greatest minds, bringing together the creme de la creme of the surviving civilization. Behind its unassailable walls and impregnable protection dome, the City bustles with life almost indistinguishable from the state-of-the-art culture of the fabled Utopian era.

Grey sets off on a journey to the City in order to solve the mystery of his past. He's about to witness the ruthless training methods used to shape the children of the Seven Clans into new warriors, enchanters, and technomancers. He's about to meet the City's true rulers and finally discover the real purpose of Project Stellar.


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Btw, Book 5 is in pre-order