The Range, book 2 - opening chapters

The Range, book 2: Lords of the Ruins by Yuri Ulengov - opening chapters are published in our blog

Altai managed to survive in Limbo and get a coveted pass to the Green Zone, but this is only the beginning of his journey. Thanks to the “Hand of Justice” achievement, the former planetary assault trooper saw a faint glimmer of hope that one day he’ll escape Rhapsody. One day, maybe, if he’s lucky... Now is not the time, though. After all, a visit to Elysium is just a short respite before a new race with death begins.

At the Verge, the Orange Zone of the Range, all achievements received in Limbo mean nothing. The rules change as the game progresses and the most important one, as usual, is written in small print. The only way to survive is to become stronger, faster and smarter than your opponents but that’s not easy. You’ll have to shed blood for credits and virtual experience that allow you to buy weapons and power-ups. Hopefully, this will be the blood of your enemies and not your own.

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Release - May 14, 2021