A Student Wants to Live - our new LitRPG series is coming early 2023

Please welcome our new author - Boris Romanovsky! His RealRPG series - A Studen Wants to Live will start on January 16, 2023

I'm a college student who watched with my own eyes as the world descended into hell. A Dark Sphere arrived on Earth, turning half the planet into zombies. They thrive on killing us - people - as every kill fuels their development and makes them stronger.

Besides zombies, there are also mutants: mutated animals. Plus Monsters: bizarre creatures in possession of striking strength and abilities.

Levels, skills, new yet unheard-of objects... our world has changed.

We have only one hope of surviving: we need to fight. By killing zombies, mutants, and Monsters, we're becoming stronger.

And I, Andrew the First, will be the strongest of them all.

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