In the System-3 - pre-order is opened

In the System-3: Defending Earth by Petr Zhgulyov will be released October 14, 2021

Everything is going according to plan. Ivan Susanin has successfully installed a beacon in the undead territory, and returned home. The situation changes when the next mission to the city of goblins is delayed, while his home planet becomes the battleground. Monsters invade Earth, and Ivan must become one of the leaders and unite the players under his banner, albeit within the borders of his own country. If circumstances demand that he discloses his identity and cooperates with the authorities, so be it!

Modern weapons and equipment, instructors, financing, and protection by law… Stupid to decline all this due to baseless concerns. The most important thing is to remember why he started all this in the first place, and ensure that he can survive what’s coming.

Read the bestselling novel that became a RealRPG hit in Russia in 2020!

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Book 2 is April 12, 2021